Except headroom being a joke in the back, its a practical piece of car.
I am (truly!) hoping this is another example of Mr Musk's unusual sense of humour. If not, I can't help but feel that this hideous-looking thing will be as much of a sales failure as the Model 3 is a sales-sucess. (Sigh).
The "unbreakable glass" that broke in a demo is all over social media. Not surprising! They can't see a semi truck in broad daylight and crash in to that. Elon works 16 hours a day, when you have a tired mind this is how it thinks.
You know what? I like it. If that pricing with those tow ratings and range is anywhere close to reality, this truck will sell. It's like a Delorean pickup truck. I can't believe those tow ratings, for these prices, it's actually competetive.
Didn't Musk say something about a more conventional design if this POS doesn't sell well?
IMHO, ALL VEHICLES should/must have stainless steel body (for unlimited durability & no need for paint (which is environmentally harmful) & easy/cheap/quick to repair (because no need to repaint))!!!
I LOVE seeing somebody demonstrate guts, tenacity and sheer grit! No matter your opinion on the truck - you can't help but to be inspired by Musk! Sure, I'll buy a truck and an ATV. They're neat! Viva la controversy!
You know... This is the worst idea for Tesla. This is Jason Routenberg. I am using my wife's login for this. I have a degree in Automotive Technology, Computer Science in Information Technology, and am going for a degree in Business and Accounting. This concept is the least attractive and I would bet the investors aren't too happy. The look of this alone would not cut it. The only real application I can see that will come to this is being used as a vehicle for other world exploration The look alone looks as though it came from a sci-fi movie. Just add an air recycling system or oxygen tanks and hermetically seal the vehicle to allow this to be used for missions and exploration. Seems Tesla is running out of ideas to make money with. How about focusing efforts into the SpaceX program, improving the usability of your current vehicles, and invest into technological improvements to solar technology. Carbon Nano-tube technology use on solar cells? Might want to look into it. Great job on the glass... Real crowd teaser...
Musk, ever the iconoclast, has outdone himself again. "And now for something completely different", or, "watch me pull a rabbit out of my ass". Loz is right, the design grows on you, even if it feels a little painfully plain. The side glass is laminated (like that of windshields) which on conventional wheels is designed to shatter. The sledgehammer demo is actually a 2lb rubber mallet, not a 5lb steel one that would certainly leave a dent. It's an ultra modern electric Hummer/SUV/pickup truck. It must use cameras for the rear views and if you're not wearing your seatbelt, you're gonna be hurtin' on that angular dash. If there's an ATV to haul in the truck bed, what happens to that big rear panel? I'll take the dual motor AWD with the 300 mile range, but I can't make up my mind about the color. lol
Rocky Stefano
Out of curiosity. When this thing gets into its first accident. What happens when emergency crews can't cut through the steel or break through the glass (assuming its really unbreakable)?