Spud Murphy
They are going to have to more than halve that price for the production vehicles. While it's a neat little vehicle, you could buy a Tesla for that money, get a lot more practical use and better performance.
I like the design but hate the price.......
Is the third pedal a dead pedal? I also wonder why they went so vertical with their motor? Seems to be wasting the low center of gravity potential.
When it gets left seat steering, 4 wheel drive and an impact absorbing body,, I would buy that beautiful car, but they'd likely be sold out before get one.
The idea of the chassis as a component looks great but I question the roll over protection, the range and the price. 230 miles will fade to about 140 as the batteries age by the definition of old batteries which is that capacity drops to 60% of the new capacity.
The big advantage of the design seems to be that a standard chassis will save money yet the price looks far too high. Is there a real benefit in a carbon fibre body vs glass fibre in a car with modest performance. It seems that if someone can get a good "skateboard" chassis ready for others to do limited production bodywork we might get a reasonably priced EV.
$113,000? They must be joking, I was thinking it would be a good second car if it was under $30,000.
I do like this, the car as well as the approach.
That’s certainly an above average price for a vehicle with what seem to be an average or worse feature set.
Rather dumb not making it a full composite monocoque and just bolt the parts to it. It cuts weight, labor, materials a lot which increases range, performance
This was exciting news, right up to the last few words, “ Deliveries of the first £81,250 (approx. US$112,675) Launch Edition cars...”

Oh, well.