Sounds like someone's got it all figured out. How making a massive amount of robots to add to the already overpopulated earth is going to help save resources is beyond me. Crazy Russian.
The video brings up a lot of good arguments as to how humanity is well on its way to destroy itself, but in parallel to the emerging of these god-complex inspired ideas, there's also a totally new state of mind developing in recent years which does not rely on heavily funded scientific advancement or a more better faster attitude.
Also - check out the Friends episode where Ross suggests the exact same idea - the way he says is makes it sound completely ridiculous, which it actually is in the end.
I didn't like the video. Humanity is not on the way to destroying itself and the world improves every year.
That said, I do look forward to the day when the imperfect human body (and brain) is replaced by robotics. The intelligence and creativity of the human species without the fragility and complexity of living tissue.
Well, although the earth is over populated, there should not be a problem for "new humans" to live in neighboring planets as they do not have the restrictions of a living body.
However, I still like the idea of "Inception" where we can dream anything we like and live forever....
Welcome to the new world.
Bart Viaene
It may be "life", but it won't be "human" life.
But probably that will be an improvement :-)
Omer Ahmed
I cannot negate this project due to the advancements in technology but still I want to include that definitely they will come up with something but they cannot replace human with this gizmo. Let say if I have this thing and they put my mind into it what benefit will I get from it after I die? Strange isn't it?
Robert Bigger
As much as I would like to have a "Avatar" or "surrogate", I don't think this is a good idea. This would allow evil people to live longer than they should.
Michael McCarrey
So, it looks like the "SciFy" cable TV channel got a hold of Gizmag.
A true avatar would require a deeper understanding of consciousness - this has to be artificially maintained in a digital environment for a true Avatar to be possible. 'Biocentrism' theory is worth a read, which goes some way toward understanding what consciousness is, I think it's altogether much more challenging than just cut-and-pasting the content of a brain onto a hard drive. Fundamentally, the issue at hand is why to pursue 'immortality', as it seems to be born primarily from a deep-seated fear of death. That's the only reason why an individual desires to live forever, instead of choosing to live on by proxy through ones children.
Eric Sakshaug
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Jtpf8N5IDE I believe my comment is best said by Queen.
This is what we get when we leave our kids in front of the TV too long: A total detachment from what is real and what is not. Living is not have 500 FB friends or having your brain (or brain functions) live forever in a glass jar in a robot. What utter nonsense!We all enjoyed watching BladeRunner, but doubt anyone would choose to live in that world. It not the future or the "new world", it's the end of humanity. Worse yet, now we have excessively rich kids entertaining themselves with the thought that fullfilling this scifi fantasy is a good thing. Perhaps it will entertain them, but the rest of humanity will surely suffer for it.