I see a lot of e-bikes that bring interesting ideas but still so far none that sway me to take the plunge and get one. For that price you could buy a Yamaha R3 or XT250 dual sport.
I know being electric is what makes it expensive but after GM reduced the price of the Chevy Spark EV today you can lease one for $139/month for 3 years ($5k) with nothing due at signing.
I know leasing for 3 years can't be compared to something you own outright but it's still a lot of money for a bicycle. I'm also not sure how I would feel in general being seatbelted into a bicycle.
The Skud
I agree with Daishi - that is a lot of money to get elec-assist and a roll cage! For anything near that I would want a FULL recumbent (4 wheels) and the biggest rotating beacon light that would legally mount on the roll cage. That Chevy deal is looking better as I think about it . . .
So this wouldn't even be legal in the UK as a bicycle then.
200W for bikes, 250W for Trikes and tandems.
I like the design as a prototype, but I'm not sure if the Sinclair brand isn't a bit of "the kiss of death" in this market. It's not that it's a bad idea, but it may just be compared to the other flops.
I think that the idea of integrating the heave U locks into making part of a bumper / protective system is worthy of some merit.
Peter Wessell
It's hideous as well.
One wonder how long it will take before it is nicknamed the baby bike...
wouldn't it be easier to wear a helmet?
Larry English
it has more problems than it solves, even if you count the made-up problems the sellers cite..
expensive electric part is underpowered and under-range to be useful recumbents are not very maneuverable
As an expert in product development and forensic engineering and as someone with a great deal of experience in bicycle failures and bicycle design, including power assist bicycles, I can tell you that this is a really dumb design. I would normally not weigh into a new design based on a quick look, but this bike is being advertised as "the safest bike ever built" yet they have made the biggest mistake that you can make when trying to create a safe bike...small front tire.
There is no simpler and faster way to make a bicycle, which is inherently unstable, more dangerous than reducing the size of the front tire. This is not rocket surgery here this is basic bike design 101.
Really, really dumb.
I'm no expert on mechanical design, so leave such to those who are. I do know I can only laugh at a bike, designed for safety, that does not have nearly every part reflective/fluorescent and will not operate unless the rider is wearing at least a jacket the same. Just look at that seat in night time camo.
Ormond Otvos
If they were thinking deeply, they'd make the roll cage a bright color, like my fluorescent orange helmet and gloves on my Honda Reflex scooter.
All that steel looks like more things to get hung up on in a wreck.