Good concept.
This is really a pleasant beach bike for people with a casual relaxed approach to life .
Hope it becomes more popular.
I would like to try one out.
Idea vs. application Just what a rider wants a large piece of material to chaff the inner thighs. A sling seat is already available, combine with strap/sling backrest (a la office chair) same concept better outcome and airflow.
Joe Blake
Many of the riders in the video are not getting their legs fully extended which will reduce the amount of energy transferred to the pedals. Sure it's only a slow cruiser machine, but taking note of the Wiki article on the Dursley bicycle, manufacturers of this machine will have to produce frames in many different sizes to accommodate the lack of seat height adjustment, or bottom bracket adjustment, which will probably push the cost up. They perhaps should look to the Roulandt Recumbent from the 1980s which had an adjustable bottom bracket with a track of about 100 mm.
Michael Crumpton
It seems like he has reinvented the recumbent bike. From the way all the riders are weaving around it does not look terribly stable.
The Skud
I would go for the side-to-side idea for a hammock seat to avoid inner leg chafing. A smallish double riser would support both ends and might be less visible, being a little thinner as only supporting roughly half the weight. It could still meet up high with a short crossbar, or completion of a 'U' shape to carry canopy and meet the backrest requirements.
I love it. Its time bicycle seats were made this way. My only fear is those two metal bars jutting out on both sides of my head.
Eric Burgmann
I have all the concerns stated by other but, in addition, I’m more than a little concerned about the front hammock support. It looks like a pointed object aimed directly at the riders crotch. I hope no one gets impaled in an accident.
William Volk
Funny thing is, I switched to Recumbents in 1994 ... when I was living in Manhattan Beach.
They HAVE to have seen at least one Recumbent on the bike path.
Joe Acerbic
Yup. looks more wobbly and less comfortable than any regular recumbent.