Must be a lot of subsidies. In America it cost almost $8,000 just to produce a golf cart.
Something tells me it wouldn't pass safety requirements for sale in the States.
Knowing poor air quality and traffic congestion in Beijing or Shangai it seems a good (sufficient) product. Except chinese people seem to prefer much bigger cars. On the other hand many chinese people are expecting the right to buy cars...
Undoubtedly this car will never make it to America without safety upgrades and probably more accessories to fit our need for comfort. Article didn't say ( or I missed it) about whether anyone over 5'6" would be able to get into the car.
Rustin Lee Haase
There's a market for cars like this in the US, but that market is already saturated with $8000 3 year old Nissan LEAFs that are a much better car with the same range. No point in trying to sell them in the US. China, probably. Its great to have these little, low cost EVs. They make great commuters and for errands.
This is what they need here, now.
I'm reminded of when Japanese cars first reached the west. Funny little toy cars that would never amount to anything.
For the millions who ride around in South Asia in a smoke belching motor bike with a covered side car attached this would be a welcomed upgrade! Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mekong Delta, India etc.
I want a $5,300 little EV made by GM! I have a little room left on the driveway for exactly this little thing. Don't make me buy a smart car.
Tom Lee Mullins
It seems very similar to the Smart ED but at a much lower cost. The size is similar to the ED but the Smart is safer and can be driven in the US(?).