It's very simple to remove them--You simply heat the glass behind the suction cups and the pressure increase will allow you to slide them off.
Or just slide a small wire between the seal and wind sheild, which will break the seal and relaese the sunction
Vincent, wouldn't heating the glass risk breaking it? But I would think someone will find a way to use a slimjim or something to work under the suction cup and pop it off.
@VincentWolf, heating the glass will be an issue, difficult and probably more expensive than paying the fine.
Apparently no one remembers Ace Ventura Pet Detective. (just roll down the driver side window and drive to your garage that way)
Boot seems way more effective IMO.
Noel K Frothingham
gusmanchinkey, if someone were to use a very sharp implement that could puncture the suction cups and allow air to enter the cup, releasing the grip on the window glass.
If the fine is greater than the cost of a windscreen replacement.....?
How about drilling a small hole through the outside plastic and the center of the suction cup with a small cordless drill? Also, no one pays attention to alarms. There are tons of videos of people removing bike locks with angle grinders throwing sparks everywhere, and no one says anything.
Dastardly but a great improvement over the yellow wheel boot. Driver's may now have a choice as to when to pay, since these devices will spawn a whole new sub-industry in removal hacks/devices/windshield treatments and smart phone apps.
@Milton: Ha! I came here to post exactly that! This product is useless against the redneck genius of ID-ten-Ts!