It is a silly toy making it very expensive.
I'd hate to be on that thing when another boat goes by. Susceptibility to wake and freak waves. You'd just get tipped or washed off. Could be ok to sunbathe on in a lagoon I guess. But nature has a way of making even the calmest water quite rough. That thing couldn't even handle 10 inches of chop.
The Skud
What a genius! He has found a way to charge $5K for a raft with a couple of patio chairs and cooler boxes ... OK, he throws in a small outboard as well. I wonder how he slipped around any safety regulations on hand rails or whatever to stop tipsy users falling straight off the open deck? Even the legendary Huck Finn's raft had rails around the outside.
The legendary Huck Finn raft was just a raft; logs tied together. I doubt it had rails.
It seems bigger and not as fancy as the Craig Cat boat. They do indicate one can accesorize it to fit what one wants; either from the manufacturer of the craft or outside vendors. It does seem very promising.
There is a photo of a Smart car towing the Craig Cat. It seems it might be light weight enough for a Smart car to tow. I guess it depends on how much accesories one adds to it and how much those accesories weigh.
It must be exciting using this in any sort of waves. Whoosh there goes the deckchairs. Or imagine snooping up the mangroves in the gulf, mere centimeters away from hungry alligators!!
The design of this boat does bring to mind what are called a "Wakeless launch"; flatwater boats used for crewing and sailing clubs. How this would be beach and by association ocean-worthy I'm not sure.
I still love seeing new ideas showing up on kickstarter.
Paul Anthony
I don't think this will go into the water at the bayou! Why is there a big hole in the deck at the front? I look at this, and all I can think of is where would I sit, oh in the chair. Ok now where is my hole in the deck to plant my umbrella?
Much too expensive for what it is and can do IMO.
This is a very expensive do nothing!
Gregg Eshelman
It's a catamaran hulled airboat with an outboard instead of a propeller. Want one of those? Just go buy an airboat, cut the engine and prop stuff off and weld on an outboard motor mount.
Hello all and thank you for your feedback. My name's Jarrod and I'm the designer of the BeachRay. I would like to respond to some of your questions.
Yes it is a silly toy. It is designed to go out and have fun on and relax. Just as a Jet ski ($10,000) or a pontoon boat ($20,000+) or kayak, etc.
It meets all Coast Guard regulations. I have two large three ring binders of the regulations and am familiar with them as I live on and repair my sailboat frequently these last ten years.
It handles wakes and waves just fine. However, It is for wearing bathing suits and having fun. If you don't want to get wet you simply go slower (we regularly go out in our normal cloths and do not get wet).
The chairs and coolers are fastened securely to the deck with quick releases.
The front forks are there because it is a catamaran hull design which makes it extremely stable. It is not tippy at all. You want tippy, try a kayak.
And finally your umbrella will fit in a fishing rod holder! (or you can put a bimini top on it.
Thanks again for your thoughts and questions. If anyone is in the RI area feel free to come by and get a free ride for proof to my comments!
Cheers! Jarrod