The problem with "proof" like this, is nobody understands the implications. It's really simple: There is NOTHING we can do to make any NOTICEABLE change to our climate's direction. Period.
Exactly so, Christopher. Mankind can no more *significantly* alter the Earth's climate than *significantly* alter the time the Sun rises and sets.
3 thermometers on a whole continent (Antarctica) to provide the world with an average temperature of the whole continent... I live 45 Kms from the "official" Ottawa, Canada weather station. They never record my temperature, rainfall , sunshine or snowfall accurately in my location. I live on the Ottawa river, (2 Kms wide at this point) across from an automatic weather station. I regularly watch summer storms go down the far shore while I am sunning myself on the beach. At night I watch the TV weather to find out it rained all day where I live. 1. The first item science must provide is credibility or it is not science. 2. Every organism who lives or has lived on this planet has experienced "climate change" on an almost daily basis.. Those of you who haven't until now must have been passengers in UFOs.
And how long is this all time record? Less than 140 years? That is about a fraction of a second in the climates clock. I suggest if its a problem for you. Move.
Amazing how the climate denying trolls come of out the woodwork to post their arguments by incredulity. We just have to resign ourselves to our fate... there is nothing that can be done... climate models based on a couple hundred years of data, worthless... Even with the photos as evidence, it's still not enough to sway climate deniers' beliefs, "I've already made up my mind, don't confuse me with the facts" What we can do is agree that "something" is happening and we need to change our behaviors. Conservation and population control are the two most important things that need to change. We can't continue following a model of economic growth as the solution to all our troubles because that IS the source of all our troubles.
Scott Jarvis
Pretty darn sure that if it wasn't for climate change, much of the Colorado Rockies would be covered by glaciers. If it wasn't for climate change, how are we finding dino bones in N Dakota ? Didn't' dinos need a tropical environment? The climate has always changed and always will. It is pure arrogance to that that today/now is the correct climate and we must keep it form changing. Its all about control and telling others what they can do- not negotiated 'science'.
"There is NOTHING we can do to make any NOTICEABLE change to our climate's direction." Can you prove that with anything other than opinion-based generalizations?
New Atlas needs to change to Disqus comments. Because it's not worth my time to debunk all these BS climate denying fools otherwise.
It's actually really encouraging to read these comments and see that most everyone (with one exception) aren't drinking the AGW Kool-Aid anymore. As far as this article is concerned: way to cherry pick the data! Glaciers have been steadily receding since the end of the last ice age roughly 12 or 13,000 years ago. And if you're all that concerned about ice accumulation, just take a look at Antarctica: it's at record levels over the last decade or so.
Robert in Vancouver
I have lived 55 feet from the Pacific Ocean for 43 years and haven't seen any change to high tide marks on piers and sea walls. If there was global warming and glaciers melting like the article says, ocean levels would have risen and I would see higher tide marks.