God saved this aircraft, for what we\'ll have to find out, eh?
Marty Williams
Two V-22s flew over my house heading N-NE a few days ago. They have a very interesting sound. Very different that a helicopter or jet.
\"combines the helicopter\'s ability to take off and land vertically, with the speed of a regular aircraft.\"
...and with the safety of neither.
Look damn cool though.
This is a very good aircraft. I was just wondering if you could have swivelling jet engines, instead of prop engines. (I think this has been tried) Jets are more powerful, but for some reason, large props would appear to have greater lifting power, as in a helicopter. Is this a fact? By the way, retreating blade stall is not really an issue with twin rotors on wing tips in the vertical position. The wings are also providing lift from forward speed.
Once all the mechanical issues are resolved, this will be the wave of the future. Surprised that the powers that be haven\'t come up with a gunship version of it yet.
Will Sharp
I\'m guessing the reason why they don\'t use jets is so that passengers can get on and off and walk around it without getting burnt to a crisp. This is designed as a troop transport after all. A jet aimed directly at the ground may also start fires.
Lon LeVine
Jets high exhaust temps way to high to point at the ground. Even the Harrier jet with vectored exhaust couldn\'t be vertically landed on asphalt without melting ground damage
Jon A.
The big advantage of the Osprey is range compared to a helicopter.
They are surprisingly small inside, though. More comparable to a Blackhawk than a Chinook.
Actually these are jets if you want to nit pick lol These are turbo props The reason they dont uase pure jets is the redundancy . If one engine fails you are screwed , But on the turbo prop they use a cross shaft that connects Both engine together in case of a failure
Actually, I\'d love to see a comparison between this and a comparable sized gyrodyne. Without all the complex transmissions, it would be MUCH cheaper with fairly equal specs.