Eric Goldstein
Good List..
Haven't had my iPhone jailbroken since I bought my iPhone 5.
Looking forward to getting it back today and trying some of these out.
Jon Smith
Nothing there I can't live without, I think I'll pass on jail breaking for now.
Jayphen Simpson
NCSettings is a great alternative to SBSettings.
Delete Word allows you to delete words at a time if you press backspace whilst holding shift (similar to on OS X where holding option and pressing delete will delete previous word).
f.lux will change the white balance of your screen at night to make it less harsh on your eyes.
Nitrous will enable the Nitro JavaScript engine in ALL apps, instead of just in Safari.
Filip DelaVega
does any of these apps support iphone 5 ?
Can anyone tell me the name of the theme pictured in the winter board photo
Daniel Mutch
a lot of good apps there, good picks
it makes me appreciate the freedom android provides. Hey work when it is time to upgrade my phone plan.... another android please.
Lewis M. Dickens III
Wow Will!
Great stuff, would not know about it were it not for you!
Now when will someone create a great calendar?
Steve was full of baloney saying that the calendar on the iPad was the best.
Had better on my Amiga.
I checked for Assistant Love and it's not available for this update. Any way to find out if it will become available? I'd love to launch Spotify songs with Siri....
Kirk Denson
Although this is a great list, at this point, what would be even more helpful is a comprehensive list of apps that are NOT yet compatible with iOS 6.1. Such a list would save a ton of time of trial and error, especially with repositories who don't list that information before you apply the app. Given the date of this article, I thought that's what you were offering here. It's kinda frustrating to find that most of the apps I had are not yet available for the iPad... so I am waiting for the most critical apps to catch up before I jb the iPhone.