DeVaughn Burke
I never knew there were so many apps for kids for your ipad!!
DuckyCam is a fantastic video recording app for creating and capturing fun moments with your toddler. You can record video and at the same time play animal sounds. It's easy to edit and clip the video or select a specific frame from the video to use as a photo for sharing.
btw. they are giving away an iGuy toddler proof case too:
Edward Buchanan
The Eric Carle app looks stunning!
Lesley Robinson
These look great. I'm going to get lots of them for my little grand daughter. Another good addition to the list would be the Sandra Boynton books such as Moo Baa Laa and Blue Hat. They are highly interactive with lots of humourous surprises.
Clay Heaton
I made an iPad app, called Toddler Taxonomist, for my 2.5 year old daughter. It's only $0.99. She loves it and I love watching her play with it! :) Here's the link:
Kim K
WriteReader. You should really look into this new app for IPad. Highly acclaimed. Scientifically based learning program
Peter Sutherland
Great article! My younger son enjoys playing Sound Touch.
And both my sons love Toca Boca apps and Igrecway Xylophone.
Malkesh Rao
You will also like this app to teach your kids music form all over the world with lots of fun.
Good article and lots of choices. We're seeing lots of benefits in our kids using interactive mobile apps for learning. Definitely makes learning more engaging.
Simon Doyle
Good list!
(Disappointed that the Press Here App is U.S. only!)
To which I would add...
> Toca Band - it's great - I find myself joining in more often than not. Toca Boca make great apps.
> The Lonely Beast ABC, developed by my friends here in Dublin and featured in many recent Apple iPad ads.
> Curious George Shapes, also developed here in Dublin for HMH, and a big hit with my twins.
> The Nosy Crow books are very good - 3 Little Pigs and Red Riding Hood - the former for younger kids and the latter maybe for older.
> The Noisy Book app is also a big hit - and it's bilingual in English and French, so you can sneak in a language lesson as well...
> The Monster At The End Of This Book, and its sequel are very popular - Grover and Elmo are the business