Derek Howe
I've been wanting a VR headset for awhile now, But I'm waiting to pull the trigger until a few weeks after it releases. I want to gauge, well, everything. Plus I'm hoping I can try one out first at BestBuy or something. I would be pissed if I spent 800 dollars (200 on a video card) on an Oculus and hated the experience.
so Rift is better than Vive due to " progress in logical and easily digestible increments when the time is right." how !!!!! why I have to pay for each "baby step" while I can pay once for a future step if i bought Vive.
I tought PSVR was skipping CES sure you really tried it lol?
Highly disagree. The price, of course, is the first major step back which will alienate VR mass market launch. The specs then, are a huge step back because it means you either get a 300$ dollars or a full 1000$ computer to be able to use a 700$ VR headset. And finally the fact that it is still reliant on PCs which are highly unoptimized and messy (if you've used a DK1/2 or any PC you know what I'm talking about). The PSVR is by far the best headset (although one can regret the lower resolution even if the technology seem to imply that it won't have any SDE or aberration), not only for the price which is probably going to be around 400/450$ and the fact that it's compatible, optimised and usable out-of-the-box with any PS4 (which is also cheaper and optimised). I'm pretty sure that if it's well marketed and priced by Sony, the PSVR will sell way more than the Oculus thus paving the way for VR.
3D cinema, 3D TV......dead and buried now VR headsets....the only people going to sit around wearing this ridiculous gadgets are the unfortunate ones who have no mobility......
Steve Jones
I'm going to get VR, but I'd need to buy both host machine and headset (and controllers and games etc of course). The best games we've seen previews of (in print), are for the PSVR. And that will be close to half the price of Oculus if you need to buy the host machine as well. And with PSVR, even if VR is a let-down, you've still got a lovely new PS4.
...I've tried VR goggles a couple of was horrible, absolutely worthless (at NAB) – theoretically, it could be spectacular, but...what would that require....? I saw 3D IMAX....1986...spectacular....3D television...spectacular – VR goggles..? – ...15 seconds and you want to get rid of them....
David A Galler
These higher tech VR systems could possibly take over some of the functions of of flight or other simulators at considerably less cost.
I am looking forward to StarVR, if just comparing specs. Though I think that needs to improve its response time/delay whatever they call that lag, and the screens need to be curved around the wearer instead of just two flat screens in sorta delta wing formation. But, I know with the crazy high 5K resolution they are bragging about, its going to take some serious hardware to take full advantage of that setup. Which I think will be achievable on a budget within the next two years.
You've suggested that the main reason for Oculus being "still the best" is due to the more plentiful and varied software that's available for it. Does this mean that Oculus and Vive are planning to release EXCLUSIVE games for each platform? From what I've been able to learn it appears that both Oculus & Vive have nearly identical capabilities in terms of interacting with software, so I really hope these companies aren't going to try to force a console style rift between consumers of each VR display device...