Why isn't beer served with ice? Well, the main reason is, the beer will get watered down as the ice melts – it's a problem that also extends to drinks that are served on the rocks, even though the coldness of the ice may help them to go down smoother. That's where the Beyond Zero system comes in. Instead of making ice cubes out of water, it makes them out of booze.

Invented by Kentucky-based entrepreneur Jason Sherman, the system actually consists of two devices – the Liquor Ice Maker and the Liquor Ice Storage Unit.

A liquor of the user's choice is first poured into the Maker, where it's cooled well below the temperature reached by a regular freezer, and formed into cubes. Exactly how that's accomplished is a trade secret, although the process takes just a matter of minutes.

Those cubes are then transferred into the Storage Unit, where they're kept at a similarly-cold temperature until needed.

Beyond Zero's Liquor Ice Maker

Although the Beyond Zero system has been kicking around for at least a year or so, the final version of it officially debuted this month at the 2017 National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago. Definitely aimed at commercial use (or use by rich people), each of the two devices is estimated to sell for approximately US$5,000.

If you're interested, you can make a deposit via the link below. Shipping is expected to begin in early August.

Source: Beyond Zero

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