I rode my electric assisted bike to work for 10 years, except on rainy and snowy days. I have no suspension so it is lousy on rough roads, and it wasn't good for any cargo. Can you show these being used on rainy days?
Douglas Rogers
If you can ride up all of the hills it is a big incentive to commute.
Dan Bauer
Loz, i'm rockin' 700c x 30 90 psi studded tires up here in North Dakota - just wanna say your journalism has been the best I've read for the past 5 - 7 Years!
GordonHoffman, Rad Power Bikes is based in Seattle and when we checked out their HQ store there while visiting relatives for Thanksgiving, there were dozens of locals shopping their Black Friday sale, and numerous sales while we looked around. The company wouldn't survive six months if the bikes couldn't be ridden in the rain; they wouldn't even be able to allow test rides nearly half the time with the city averaging 152 rainy days annually.
These prices are insane. Here in China you can get an electric scooter or bike for about $300 US. It has a range of almost 20 km. These vehicles are everywhere. My niece had one when she was single and lived at home. Now she is married and they have a car, but they kept the e-bike. Her husband lost his license for 6 months because he ran a red light and caused an accident. He used the e-bike to commute to work in that time. He is huge, about 6'2" and almost 300 pounds. It carried him fine. What does the $4000 ebike do that the $300 one can't?
Eric K
Very nice list, I hadn't seen Nua's Electrica... Titanium frame!?!?
Pauly G
good info but, would be nice to do an apples 2 apples. Range on all of them, cost, etc, regardless of each hitting different demographics. Can be bought in US, etc. Would love to be riding one of these to work, but comparisons on new tech are hard to find. Thanks, Love your articles.
Bill S.
The biggest problem I see in the U.S. is that our population of drivers are the worst in the world. Riding bicycles have landing me in the hospital THREE different times due to moronic drivers. However, riding motorcycles (Harley's) for over 52 years without a scratch, mostly on the freeways of L.A. . Love to have an electric bike, but hate hospitals more.
c w
1) the gentleman in the first photo is rooting a home that is not properly sized for him. That photo is currently driving me nutz.

2) @Roddy6667: let us know the model or show is a picture of the whole you're referencing, and perhaps we can tell you the differences better something similar for sale in the US. There are plenty cheap e-bikes and scooters around the US market, but they aren't what we would likely call "shop quality bikes". The components hanging off the frame do a lot to affect the price and, keep in mind, that one is likely to be able to find any bike with its constituent parts (or complete construction) in China for significantly cheaper IN China than in the US.
c w

"the gentleman in the first photo is rooting a home that is not properly sized for him"

I hate predictive text and touchscreens.