29 pounds?! There are electric bike that weigh less.
This is a good bike - if you live in Amsterdam or in the English Fenland - dead flat. If you live anywhere else, anywhere near a hill, unless you are an olympic cyclist or have the thigh muscles of one, you are going to spend a lot of time walking. I hate to think how many knee injuries this thing is going to cause. As for the no brakes - the very first bikes had no brakes too! I wander why all bikes ever since have had brakes? What could go wrong?
Steve White
That is a really really good idea. Here in Bournemouth we have "beryl bikes" that you unlock with your phone, ride a few miles and then lock them back into beryl bays, it costs like £2 to unlock and then 5p per min they're great but have gears and brakes and whotnot... they get a bit knackered. These would be perfect
Paul Gray
Shaft drive bikes have been around more than a century. Transmission losses are higher than chains and the pinion gears struggle to be durable at small sizes.
This idea is rehashed almost annually, it's fundamentally flawed.
$1400 for a one speed bike on the heavy side? Give me a break! I could buy 10 cheapo bikes from Walmart for that kind of money! As Thud said,you can get a half decent ebike for that kind of money!
Michael son of Lester
If I had the extra bucks I'd buy one of these. Then when it arrived, the first job would be to turn the bike into an ebike with one of the front wheel kits to deal with the local hills. 👍
48 spokes? What for? The choice appears ideological rather than practical.
Not “no brakes,” @Rustgecko, COASTER brakes. That’s the kind I grew up with and would be happy to have again. In fact, my beloved childhood Schwinn was a single-speeder, too! I love the look of the stainless steel and plan to ride it (rather than carry it), so if I were looking for a bicycle I’d definitely give this one a close look.
Eldon Burr II
3D print the frame with lighter plastic/resin materials, and/or optimized geometry, 3D print an improved transmission so you have at least one more gear and maybe higher reliability, 3D print lighter parametric style airless tires, and then it'll be worth $1200
No front brake in the UK would probably land you in court if you hit a pedestrian- front brakes are far more effective at stopping than rears alone- especially more than coaster brakes- don't even think about going down a steep hill with coaster brakes only!

I see no reason for the shaft drive pinion to be weak, as suggested by another commontator. Small motorbikes and scooters sometimes use them- but I'd still rather have a front brake (caliper brakes need very little maintainance apart from a tweak with a spanner every now and then), pneumatic puncture-resistant tyres (eg Schwalbe), and simple front suspension.