People are actually putting up money for such a badly designed bike. I wish this surprised me.
So many problems in such a compact package. Not likely to move fast with only a 26 gear-inch ratio. Good for hill-climbing, but no faster than about 6 mph on the flats. Missing the thickly padded seats of unicycles, so you're likely to be standing up most of the time, lest you risk impotence as some urologists have warned. Somebody commented in the earlier article that this is for novelty events, but the video seems to claim it works on trails, which I doubt. Having the pedals so far back is woefully inefficient. So about 15 unicyclists looking for something different have bought into this on Kickstarter. Good luck to them. Most of the units will be collecting cobwebs inside basements and garages within months.
Graham Ferguson
It looks silly and then you see it in action and the maneuverability of the thing is amazing.
These could prove popular with anyone who likes doing tricks with their bikes, perhaps even with fixie cyclists who dig the ability to weave in and out of crowded streets.
Big Mig
An ingenious design, of course, unbeatable manoeuvrability. But my concern, as a long distance cyclist, is how will you feel your knees after cycling a long time on that machine. The position of the legs, with the pedal axle after the seat, isn't probably the most anatomically efficient. Have any biomechanical study been conducted?
Josh, try to redirect the peaks of human power to the front wheel, electrically maybe.
BigGoofyGuy The design seems like it was inspired by the first bicycles. It is very simple; therefore, making it easier to repair and/or maintain.
Slow burn, I think you're being unnecessarily cynical. This is in my opinion a very clever design. I think it could be fitted with, say, a five-speed hub gear. Also, it shouldn't cost quite so much money, because for a start it's got very little frame, no drive chain or derailleur setup; also, no lights (these would be retrofitted, I guess). When I first saw it, it did look to me like a unicycle with a front wheel.Perhaps you could actually do away with the connecting framework! Anyway, good luck with this one.
it;s just a BSO bike shaped object expensive toy
i'd buy one, for $50
The Hoff
Gee it got 26 thumbs down out of 29 comments in the first Gizmag article so it really deserved another? Here's the original design on youtube.
Gregg Eshelman
They've copied the Super Trick Cycle. Changed the handlebars and increased the head and tail(?) tube angles, but otherwise the same thing, right down to the two parallel frame tubes.
If the USPTO awarded any patents on the Bicymple, they shouldn't have, unless the Super Trick Cycle was never patented.