Suggestion for governments : tax the copy-cats, not the innovators !!!
add to that fake results from torrent and similar sites, which copy your query on their result, as a false promise made to lure you and make you waste a long time searching for something that simply is not there. Like, type \"xpto owner\'s manual\" and you will see what I mean.
BING ??? whats Bing ??? it doesn\'t even comes close to GOOGLE search engine, I always thought that this Microsoft guys are thieves, I am big fan or Google search... Google guyz keep it up, Please Keep the Hard work going... Newes HATTTSS OFFF !!! to google guyz....
Remember the Chevy Nova? \"No Va\" in Spanish meaning \"no go\". The brilliant people at Microsoft named their search engine after the Chinese word for \"sickness\". Wow, maybe it was a Freudian slip.
Microsoft: A sick culture of knob-heads and technology thieves, captained by a loudmouthed bass. They have had their asses handed to them in China and are calling foul for the very actions they have honed to a fine point - IP theft. If they can\'t think of it themselves or buy it cheaply, they simply \"borrow\" from it.
Thank God for Steve Jobs - a real leader with the vision and intestinal fortitude to match his intelligence.
Facebook User
Google is the best and always will be.
Phils stuff
Bing! Bang! Gone.........
Google for me now
Google\'s miles ahead of Bing.
Try the following queries in both:
Is the world round? Are strangers bad? Crime statistics for OX25 1AB
Arvin Buising
That\'s why there\'s a church of Google!
Keith Reeder
\"The brilliant people at Microsoft named their search engine after the Chinese word for \"sickness\"\"

They probably could\'ve avoided that faux pas - if they\'d Googled it...