Wow. This is revolutionary. Hope to see updates on this.
Playing god are we not?
Hate to be a pessimist, but first we create artificial intelligence that is quickly relieving the need for us to think and now we can produce cells that reproduce? Add a little more DNA research to the mixing bowl and presto digitato, you have a new human being, one that will see no need for inferior species and that will be that!
"In 2010 a JCVI team created the world’s first cell with a synthetic genome":

"Called Mycoplasma mycoides JCVI-syn1.0 the synthetic cell is the proof of principle that genomes can be designed in the computer, chemically made in the laboratory and transplanted into a recipient cell to produce a new self-replicating cell controlled only by the synthetic genome."

"So, for this newest version, named JCVI-syn3A, the team added 19 genes back into the cell"

Just to be clear, this still does not look like actually creating artificial life, since it was done/started by replacing genome of a natural/living cell; NOT by starting w/ just basic/lifeless chemicals!
Playing God, Vincent? Perhaps we ARE God!
Researchers: "We've created life from dirt! We are Gods; hallelujah; praise us"
God: "Hold on... Now create the dirt!!"

However, in this case it is just mix and match existing biological elements.
What. Could. Possibly. Go. Wrong.
Gray [grey] Goo, anyone...anyone? ...Bueller?
Greg Frasier
I wonder if they will be able to grow artificial organs with this? Bet that would make a lot of money.
Cue the religious idiots!