Super! A flying vehicle that eliminates the need for licensing! Because that way there's no chance some brain-dead morons will will be crashing into each other! Of course, that in itself doesn't matter since they will qualify as Darwin Award winners, but my concern is for those innocents killed on the grounds below
On the other hand, Oprah, Messrs Katzenburg and Clooney et al can use these to more rapidly get from their coastal compounds to the beach or shopping centers, so, yay!
pretty sure the insurance companies will require a license through pricing.
Cool idea, there will be maimings and death though.
Scott eric
Great video, and very exciting concept. Potential game changer! What is the song used for that video?
This thing is amazing. I’m sure, even at a claimed “priced like an SUV”, it’ll be a very expensive (six digits) vehicle. Still, I’d go into debt to be able to commute in this thing daily!!
That takeoff and landing attitude is interesting. Seems to limit forward visibility during hover landings.
Do those wings rotate or are they fixed at the angle demonstrated here? If so it appears to be an a strange angle for forward flight (serious nose down - high drag attitude).
Can it land using wings for lift? like a conventional aeroplane.
@ Scott eric M83 - Outro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eyjj8BgsBGU
@f8lee What? No O’reillys, Rodmans or Eastwoods? Guess their wealth status doesn’t like “coastal compounds to the beach or shopping centers”. I’m sure they buy cheap Piper cubs and dirty NJ beaches to lounge upon.
Okay, couple of questions. What's its cargo capacity? Is it equipped with GPS? Operational ceiling? And, as David Letterman was fond of asking on his old CBS show, "Will It Float?" if landed on water. I'd like to use it to visit my brother, and the most direct route is over a part of Lake Michigan.
First it is a short blown wing lift take off, not vertical take off. And sadly it stays in that mode making the rest of the flight very inefficient as does all the props. Had they done one prop/wing and tilted them with less curved wings, it could work. But the range shows why it'll never be successful as is.