This looks like a scam. Plenty of qualified Americans need jobs.
Edgar Castelo
Ameritopia scares Business off? Now there\'s somewhere PETA, the EPA, and other idiot Soviet Liberals cannot harass...
William H Lanteigne
With telecommuting, intellectual workers can be located anywhere in the world and for far less than $1,200/month. Costa Rica comes to mind, and probably a dozen other countries with liberal \"guest worker\" rules and access to modern communications technology. Housing people on a ship is expensive, especially if it\'s a purpose-built vessel instead of (for example) a refurbished, decommisioned drilling platform.
Jon A.
The cynic in me sees this turning into a floating sweatshop.
Slave ship....
there are either other plans than stated for this thing ( like it just being a play yaht for them to enjoy without having to defend yourself as being too rich and ostentatious) ...or the paypal founders just don\'t care about money anymore because i\'m assuming they are too clever to get snookered into trying a project like this.
i\'m betting on 1.
Jeff Rosati
Yes .... this plan is much easier than setting up a number of VPN accounts and traveling occasionally ... the trick with \"napkin business plans\" is that the ones written on beer coasters can\'t be taken as seriously ... just say\'n.
Derek Howe
I thought the same as you all did, at first. But this guy (Peter Theil) is a smart man...and he\'s a self-made billionaire, so i\'m pretty sure he\'s looked into it.
I can see this as a great get away place or place to live. It looks really cool.
I agree it would take away jobs from those in America who need it. I still think it is neat. Perhaps if they used Americans to build and maintain it?
I heard that Dubai\'s islands are sinking. Perhaps they could a few there? Perhaps a refuge or \'life boat\' to those who are on the sinking islands?
if only they could handle it correctly this would be awesome looks like they could improve a lot in science like this multidisciplinary groups with great technology i hope they don\'t become slaves