While the volt was promoted as a serial hybrid before it's introduction, unfortunately it wasn't to be. They claimed some vague marketing reason and actually shipped a parallel hybrid. More info at: And: Seems like the worst of both worlds. Two transmissions (electric and gas), extra weight, and extra cost. The I3 is the first true series hybrid that I know of.
Can the range extender be removed from the car when not needed... Or is it hard mounted into the vehicle.. (making it removable would be a great Idea...) Also. stop saying that the Volt is a series hybrid... It is a parallel hybrid variant... Noting that parallel hybrids are able to achieve higher efficiencies under some operating regimes, so it isn't negative to market it as such... (People may feel a little ripped off when they find out that their great new electric car, still has a mechanical link from the engine to the wheels...) Obviously this vehicle has no such connection, and the range extender appears to be purely a generator. Keep the concepts coming. Great to see. (Quote for the die hards: "In effect, the gas engine supplies power directly to the transmission, which is just like a parallel hybrid." "...caused some consternation because over the Volt's development GM has stated that the gas engine never directly powers the car. While that's not entirely true,..." Popular Mechanics
"It's time we make an electric car. I know, let's make it look terrible!" -every designer from an established car company I thought BMW was smarter than that but they're really going ahead with these ugly things.
Let me tell you what I and most other consumers want for an electrical car. 4 door sedan with gorgeous looks inside and out. Range of about 250-300 miles and a price no more than 30K. Till this is done electric cars will always be an after thought when it comes to buying a car. Having said that my hats off to Tesla as they have done an amazing job so far. They will come up with the car I am wishing for with in the next 3-5 years of not in 2.
Gotta hate these useless press release photos car makers give to news outlets. Geez, BMW! Show me the trunk! What's under the hood in the front? Come on, lederhosen!
Show me a 2 seater conv. that is sporty & fun to drive. I suggest that BMW consider a 2 seater convertible that would be a fun commuter, think electric Lotus 7-ish that old school sports car drivers would call "spidery" which would be hugely popular, instead of just another puffed up (mini-ish) blob-mobile with two big nostrils, a set of flashy rims and tall tires! For similar money you can buy a electric classic Bug from Zelectricmotors that may or may not be a convertible but we know they are fun to drive, especially around town...
roh vemula
It is a nice idea and design to have the electric range up to 100 miles. The range is an plus over other e-cars. To overcome the anxiety of the range, in each and every gas stations the car manufactures should have the fast charging stations and all cars must have universal connectors rather than having its own proprietary chargers. However no car is near to Chevy Volt in design and technology. They set the standards in electric cars. But failed to market it. And also bad media gave negative image about the car. Many wrote he reports on Volt without driving the car. Just for your information I was proud owner of Chevy Volt. Tesla Model S is a super car, but it is far beyond reach to mass. Only few can buy it not to save the money on gas> The person spends 100 grand it does not matter to him to spend few dollars on gas whatever the price may be. The price of e car should be in the range of $30,000 which is affordable to many.
James Ng
Why can BMW make the i3 a hip car - or at least not so ugly? The new i3 is almost as ugly as the Pontiac Aztek. It seems they think electric car owners do not care about the car atheistic look.
With performance figures nearly identical to the Mini Cooper S, and 50/50 weight distribution it sounds like a fun track day car. I'm also guessing that the potential torque available from the electric motor just might be electronically limited as well for the sake of range.
Don Duncan
Closer to a practical EV, but not close enough (no cigar). Too pricey. This is not a fully functional car at 100 mile range, 200 if you want to part with another $4000. And what about the battery life? When it goes how much to replace? The range is fine except for my once a year trip. Then I need 400+. Why couldn't they have made the gas tank 7-10 gals? Or extend the range by lower weight (2 seater) and lower drag. Curtains? How about sealed wheel wells and undercarriage? And slicker body?