Why not give it to Tomasz Patan ?
it is not a"concept" vehicle yet to be tested, it flies extremely well right in front of your eyes, Right Now !
I agree that the most efficient aircraft will ultimately have wings that utilize the concept of lift, without them it's only realistic to travel around 5-10 miles with any kind of effiiciency, assuming the current rate of evolution of battery tech.
And we want lots and lots of people in a position to fall out of the sky onto other people and buildings because...
For me, any craft with the pilot above the props is inherently unstable. The dandelion is ahead of all of these machines, with the load slung underneath it lifting ''parachute.'' This would also make the machine way safer. If any of the pilots lose their balance and fall into the blades, they'll become puree, or parts of them will. With the blades above, that cant happen. Show me any helicopter in the world, with the pilot above the blades! I know of none.
Jimmy the Geek
Yes, exactly Paul, besides we already have horseless carriages . . .
None shown are practical, in my opinion.
No not one crash to date, many concepts out there that flies successfully so sorry a real amateur opinion
@ nik the concept i show in the link flies extremely solid, the cog is very close to the middle, not "top heavy" at all.
Yeah, I predict they will never make it to market; it's bad enough driving a car with only one direction, so imagine idiots trying to control all directions, including up and down. Only good pilots will operate these. Plus they're noisy as hell...
Wrong again, ever wondered why superbike drivers ride with earplugs in their ears ?Ever heard one of these furious beasts blazing down the road, it's so loud it's insane ! now think about how many hundreds of thousands of these bikes a riding Today all over the world.
Secondly No again, if you have 3d space to move in, you have more safe options wrt avoiding a collision, you can go over or underneath the one in front of you should a emergency situation arise, so it's very much safer to fly a multirotor aircraft compared to a road vehicle which is extremely limited in comparison.