One of the nice features of some bent plywood chairs is the fact that they spring up and down, so they have some give when you first sit down in them. Well, Polish designer Stanislaw Ploski has taken that flex appeal, and applied it to a one-of-a-kind bicycle. Named Bonobo, the bike's frame is made from curved, laminated layers of plywood.

"It is built to serve urban cyclists who wish to ride comfortably and with style," Ploski said of Bonobo. "The frame utilizes natural properties of plywood - a natural composite material that is light, strong, and absorbs vibrations. Geometry of the bike ensures a relaxed riding position and lets the user experience the pure pleasure of cycling."

The bicycle is outfitted with a singlespeed drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes, although Stanislaw says it could also run an internal gear hub or a belt drivetrain.

The Bonobo does indeed look like it would soak up the potholes, and weighs in at 16 kilograms (35.27 lbs) - by no means a featherweight, but not unreasonable for a cruiser bike.

If you like the idea of a wooden-framed bicycle that you could actually purchase, check out the Lagomorph, or Audi and Renovo's duo bikes.

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