Joe Legeckis
So, what happens when the tree roots start mechanically eroding the surrounding concrete structure? (other than death and destruction...)
I was thinking the exact same thing. Look at what tree roots do to sidewalks, foundations, streets, just about anything. . . they\'re inexorable, inevitable!
This should be great - until the first big wind storm. Something with 50 mph winds on the ground and 70 mph winds on the upper floors. It will be raining trees.
I love the concept, but the weight of mature trees in watered containers on cantilevered balconies makes me wonder. Then there\'s the thought of a vertical forest fire. In the models it looked like there are a lot of Italian cypress trees that while lovely, act like giant matches in a fire...
Paul van Dinther
Never mind falling trees. How about branches falling 100m down. How about tree maintenance at altitude to prevent this from happening.
Trees need a decent layer of soil to be stable. 1 meter won\'t do the trick and makes for very unstable trees.
Wind at altitude is stronger. bye bye trees.
Then a little biology. You try to grow a tree at 100m up in the air away from the normal biosphere. They all be dead in a few months. Falling branches anyone?
I like the artist impressions and it would be great if they can make it work but trees are not pot plants.
Andreas Buechel
end of 2007 i wrote a novel about a future, where allmost all of the landscape now being used for agriculture would be given back to wildlife. this being possible because of all the food for human nutrition would be produced in vertical skyscraper farms in cities and within autonomous landhouses and selfsustaining lifesships being capable to dive in lakes and oceans, fly in the sky and in space. in the novel the inhabitants of the lifeship frequently visit the wildlife areas while being guided from people who choose to life like in the old days near the earth and live of the land with permaculture methods.
considering this forest in cities concept one could even reduce the impact of human contact with wildlife by also simulating a kind of wildlife in city scyscrapers ... thisway even allowing the wildlife outside of the cities to be even more undisturbed.
my novel can be read at
Chris Hornby
A wonderful concept ... clearly easy to shoot down, but let\'s hope it doesn\'t discourage people from pursuing it. Imagine a few nay-sayers dissuaded anyone from inventing a \"flying machine\", or - heaven forbid - chocolate spread ... !
Interesting concept. What happens when your cat climbs a tree limb or birds start nesting? At least I could pee in my own forest!
Kirill Belousov
yes very much agreed with the erosion POVs. Definitely. What are they planning to do with this natural processes?
Chan Boriratrit
I like the concept.