Daniel Plata Baca
Self is Soul, a transparentlike ONLY FULL body , in wich you can see your own bones.
Doc Oc already proved this 2 spiderman movies ago...
Kiel Stuart (@kielrhys)
philosophers. as long as there are absolutists there will be philosophers. for everone in between, the people who aren\'t stuck in the renaissance, they\'re all just annoying. honestly i think philosophers are for the most part scared people who aren\'t willing to take a chance, and don\'t like the idea of being left behind so they try and hold everyone back while hiding behind a mask of wisdom. if it were up to the absolutists we had the answer to everything from the beginning. if it were up to the philosophers we\'ll never have any answers. between the two of them we have managed to survive this far, but in 2011 they\'re just slowing us down. going all neo-mystic and pondering the idea of self is like pondering the existance of a chair, honestly it\'s rediculous. this self might just be a collection of matter in an elaborate form, but it still freakin exists. honestly these people are lost in their own head. words grounded on nothing are just pointless maths. they mean nothing
Jacob William
Great article Ben! I\'d be very interested to hear more on the Karolinska study.
@gimeney cricket You have a very shallow understanding of what you are talking about. Further, your position is actually absolute in its conclusions, which is hypocritical if not somewhat, you know, stupid, considering what you are trying to argue. I suspect your post is a form of procrastination.
Ben Crumpacker
OF COURSE they would tell you this just before they KILL you!
This isn\'t exactly new. I remember this type of study from when I did psychology at uni nearly 20 years ago. Also, here is an e-how that demonstrates the same or at least similar principle http://www.wikihow.com/Feel-Like-You-Have-Two-Noses
And any guy who has watched Funniest Home Videos will know it is possible to feel another man\'s pain...
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Im writing this in Sydney but Im really in Honolulu.
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Sounds more like a trick of the mind and your own perceptions rather than any real transference of consciousness or anything beyond a neat trick... kinda like when you flinch or cringe when watching someone else get cut on TV or in a movie, you can almost feel the sensation of what you see on the screen... just another neat trick or psychological phenomenon...
Chris Maresca
This is nothing new, Jaron Lanier discovered this in the early 1980\'s when a VR immersion program went haywire and he wound up with a huge thumb. Through experimentation, he discovered how to manipulate new, artificial virtual limbs. Saw him talk about this at a TED talk here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwbGumZ-FYg&feature=player_embedded
Loving It All
Ir seems likely that what\'s going on here is mental confusion rather than synthesis. With extended experience, the mind will learn to distinguish ever more subtle differences between visual images and other sensory input, and then once again will draw the distinction between self and non-self/other.
This is not to deny cognitive plasticity, only to say that I don\'t think this study has that much to say about it.