looks of the bike are great except for the big set of rectangular batteries, some performance figures would have been good
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They delivered a nice hunk \'o rech, but made a crotch rocket that is just uncomfortable and impractical for daily use. We need a Tourer, Windscreen, bag mounts, etc. Im more into the larger 8KW scooters of late.
Landon Hillyard
beautiful bike with tons of potential. I also am a petrol guy with a nice collection of bikes at home and I think this eb would be a wonderful addition. sign me up.
we have to think up a new name for electric lovers.,,,, the combustion engine guys are called petrolheads, what will be an equally memorable name for the new electric powered speedsters ?
Great idea. Now make mine look like a giant adult big wheel for extra storage, range and maybe a bag or two of groceries.
Mr Stiffy
Will it smoke up the back wheel at 200 Kmh?
The bike sounds great, a huge leap forward for electric powered vehicles. However, while we still generate most of our electricity from fossil fuel, where are the green credentials? All we have done with this design so far is move the smoke generator from the bike\'s non-existent exhaust to the coal-fired power station\'s smoke stacks.

Roll on better ways of generating our electricity! Roll on a faster way of recharging (battery swap at the service station??). When I can get clean power and recharge as fast as I can refuel a petrol vehicle, that\'s when I\'ll buy one of these or similar, not before.
Now we just need them to stop making them look like a petrol bike and get them to come up with something really sexy.
Now if only a big scooter! For the less agile this bike is not that great, but a Burgman with this motor - Yes.
Looks good, in a currently fashionable way, but this misses the point. Batteries currently have a much lower energy density than petrol or diesel. The best way to get round this, while we wait for the infrastructure to catch up (i.e., widely available recahrging points in all car parks, battery exchange at filling stations, etc.) is to radically redesign the motorcycle as lower and as streamlined as practicable. That is, as opposed to the aerodynamics of a streetfighter, which aren\'t much better than a sack of potatoes (the rider) perched on top of a stack of bricks (the bike)!