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I hope this is real. This would be the best option, above all other options, out there.
Gasoline is dirty and we shouldn\'t depend on the Middle East. Ethanol is a bad choice as it devours farms because the process is more than 10:1. Electric Vehicles are good on paper but the energy consumption, over time, is far too high. Hydrogen is a good option but most of us will never see that happen...
Until Water Powered Vehicles are available, I find this to be the best, cheapest option out there... providing the energy required to manufacture the stuff isn\'t out of control.
Then again, if they\'re willing to charge $1.50 per gallon, their overhead must not be very high.
Sean Ellwood
Just think of what wonderful things would happen to the middle east if all their funding was suddenly and completely CUT OFF.
This sounds really good!
Presumably this cost will translate to around $4 a gallon after the UK and European governments apply their taxes. In the UK fuel (petrol) taxes currently add roughly a further 167% on top of the basic cost (i.e. the motorist pays 2.67 times the basic fuel price).
On the other hand, even at $4 per gallon, that\'s only $0.89cents a litre (roughly £0.56p in UK terms) and less than half the current price.
So how soon can we start buying it please?
Daryl Sonnier
If this is real, it is a serious game changer for world economies, politics, etc.
Charles Hart
So where does one get the hydrogen? For $1 gal equivalent no less. Pure hype.
Jonathan Hatfield
Wow. If real this is a huge breakthrough. A real game changer!
um, the energy consumption for electrics is too high? They are the most energy-efficient vehicles available, by a factor of 2. Maybe you mean that they pull too much demand from the grid. I\'ll go with that.
Is it April 1st already?
Ronny Katzenberger
Far out. Hope so too!
Anumakonda Jagadeesh
Congratulations. Major breakthrough in fuel source.

Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP),India