A full floor installed and finished out every 48 minutes?
$60/sq ft?
Quadruple glazing????
Fools - everyone knows that hexuple glazing is the new green thing nowadays.
Ryan Laursen
Hmm. Worlds Tallest Skyscraper is going to be built in China in 90 days! Why am I not excited about this?
Oh, maybe this is why...
Remarkable achievement! Personally I don't care for such tall buildings. I live in a single floor bungalow, if a fire started I could probably jump out the window without getting hurt at all. Cruise ships are built with the same modular method, and nearly as fast - it's a triumph of Project Management. Eventually, we will create a gigantic sky scraper cube 1km x 1km x 1km consisting solely of cubic modules and will house 50 million people.
Russell Vonthien
"A full floor installed and finished out every 48 minutes?" Hmmmmm
Isn't it 90 days x 24 hrs x 60 mins = 129,600 minutes. Now 129,600minutes/220 floors = 1 floor every 589 minutes (or roughly every 10 hrs.)
Would be impossible without prefab, since the only real limit to vertical growth is the drying time of the concrete before it can support the next layer. With prefab and enough manpower it does sound possible. I wish them the best of luck.
Sambath Pech
Why would I entrust a company that builds air conditioners to build a 220-floor skyscraper......and in only 90 days?!
90 days doesn't sound like enough time to let the concrete in the foundation cure.
I would imagine the 90 day time is just to install all the prefab. So once the foundations are cured and initial services set up and all the modules built then it will take 90 days to put the tower together. I, like others here, doubt it would be 90 days from first breaking ground to the first customer walking in. Having said that, much of the cost and complexity of building is in building everything on site. By building it all in nice factories with air conditioning / heating and at ground level you can save a ton of cash.
@Russell - thanks...I slipped a decimal point in my head
Excellent - cutting edge building technique meets century old skyscraper design. It's vile - I pity anyone working/living in this Orwellian nightmare.