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Butt Bra: booty-boosting bodywear by Bubbles

Butt Bra: booty-boosting bodyw...
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The venerable Wonderbra has done much to enhance the pleasing lumpiness of women who aren't naturally gifted in the chest department. But bounteous boobs are only one side of the story – big, curvy bums are in, and if you don't want to go the padding option to get the J.Lo rear aspect you're looking for, Bubbles Bodywear has come up with a range of buttock-boosting bum bras that take what your momma gave you and squeeze it into shape. They'd be a pretty scary sight at the business end of a first date, though!

Bubbles Bodywear has put together a pretty comprehensive collection of undergarments united in one common cause: the creation of attractive flesh bulges, and the elimination of unpleasing ones.

Witness the "Double-O Tummy Tuck" panty girdle, which elevates and enhances the booty while compressing the tummy and muffin-top regions:

Then there's the "Push-Up Adjustable Butt Bra," a waist-control panty piece with adjustable butt-lift loops that let the wearer control how much bum is being lifted, and how much it's being lifted by:

The range is extensive and faintly terrifying to look at - but you've gotta love the tagline: "take your gluteus to the maxims!"

The lads aren't left out, either – fellas who feel less than shapely in the trouser region have their own range of durps available, although the Bubbles for men catalogue uses the more traditional method of foam padding to create bulk at both the front and rear – as shown in the "Jackpot' brief":

And if you're worried somebody might touch the padding, feel the foam and give the game away, there's an optional silicone pad set that feels much more like the real thing. Choice.

More info: Love My Bubbles.

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how bout we just go back to the old fashioned corset bustle? that way everybody can have a flat tummy and pretty bum. and a few cracked ribs besides.
anyone who wears these monstrosities must be desperate for either attention or ridicule, I cannot imagine a guy wearing a false bulge anywhere and the women I like do not need enhancing in anyway, so for me the idea is a big NO !
I think these are great. Halloween and gag gifting just got more fun.
tlewing & robinyatesuk2003 need a funny bone. Any offers?
Well I remember someone once threatened to put my arse in a sling, but I never thought they were going to make a business out of it.
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Welllll. I\'d say these are better than those Booty Pop panties that make women look like they are wearing exactly what they are, a pair of foam pads on their bum.
\"How do you get guys to find a kilo of fat attractive?\" \"Put a nipple on it.\" - Roger Ramius Sergei Alexander Chiang MacClintock \"We Few\" by David Weber and John Ringo
And thermal imaging will prove how these things cut off circulation.
Shouldn't hurt sales to the self-hating desperates, though.
Put the fork down, Mabel.