Bill Bennett
not to sound too green or anything but why? does this really benefit anyone meaningful? ie Humans, yeah the answer is no it is race for recognition, not true progress in us getting around town to visit our mistress that the wife does know about in an emission free transport so I don\'t feel guilty banging a twenty five year old whilst my wife is fifty five, I feel so guilty,, hmm maybe a vw golf TDI?
Mr Stiffy
Actually it\'s a wonderful piece of workmanship.... So shall I whine about the \"fuel guzzling\" anti-social aspect on a dying planet with a massive and historically unequalled species extinction rate? - While these block headed corporate types and the buyers - spend up instead of donating a few wind generators to communities that need them. Shall I reflect upon how most of the air across Europe is one never ending polluted haze, or how the oceans are now so acidic that many species are facing extinction - and thus the oceanic food chains are collapsing? Or will I say, \"Oh good one guys - thanks for wasting what ever time and resources that we have left on pursuits of the selfish and stupid\".
Cowfy Kaufman
the two previous comments are true enough but i have another slant.this monstrosity can only pull 1.3g\'s.thats it? and i wonder at what speed it does that.probably 60 mph or so.big deal.the alfa romeo es30 of which 500 or so were built in the ninties and cost about 60 large could pull 1.3g\'s.the car further more was a perfectly balanced auto 50/50 front back whose chassis originated in the late sixties early seventies.also may i add it was a pleasing design to look at..of course in defense of the bugatti its not an all out racing machine.those prototypes can pull 5 and more g\'s.regarding the aesthetic shortcomings of the bug you may say approaching such mayhem speeds demand a completely form follows function application.the lambo goes pretty quick but still is in line with taste.ok the bug is goooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing down the road.i can only the aesthetic of form follows funtion loses its apeal as it approaches such speeds.something like newtons laws of physics lose there application as the speed of light is approached.
Steve Dewin
Some of us have the need for speed and appreciate the technology that makes it possible... Bring it on ! ! !
Why? I know something that is faster. If I\'m late to work - I can use my cell phone to call ahead and report that I will be late.
Small minded wimps. Sad how many of you can\'t see the benefits of advancing technologies such as this. I remember working on some of the early Apollo programs, being excited, and then watching people on the street in Holland being asked to opine. The typical response was \"why?\". Try to think about the advances in our everyday lives that come from such an can\'t even come close. Same with this one. How about safety? How about economy in every mode of transportation from lighter, stronger composites and construction techniques? Compare that to the waste of something like your idiotic windmills that will never in their lifetime recoup the energy required to build the blades that kill untold numbers of birds. The other obvious contrast is that the public benefits from what is learned here, while it is being financed by private industry, as opposed to endless subsidising by the taxpayer to perpetuate the endless boodoggles. ie: Can you say \"ethanol\"?
I like sharplikestump\'s spunk! Reading about technological innovation can be exciting and indicative of a potential for technologies similar to what\'s in the \'rich persons toy\' reaching the masses. The notion of the exact technology seen in the super car trickling down to the cars that us peasants buy seems unlikely, but perhaps it will let other manufacturers know that \'it can be done\' and they will find similar, more affordable ways of achieving the same idea. Something like building cabon fiber composite frames using 3D printing technology instead of fabrication by hand. The rich persons toys seem to, in their own little niche way, be helping the progression of consumer technology. I doubt that\'s the intent, but there you have it.
Fernan Otero
AS geo moon said those rich boys toys are fascinating, but we will have to wait to the technology bring normal people the opportunity of drive a little monster like this...
Ron Wagner
I think a Tata Nano makes a lot more sense. Probably required a lot less R&D too. Swedes charge speeding ticket based on income, we need that policy here too.
What, no iPod connectivity? At that price??