Yes this is like 5 years old.... the only real one is for sale from a guy in Canada.
Neil Larkins
Since I\'m big into DIY, this is a good idea but it might not be quite as good a deal as stated. It is not clear if batteries come with it (likely not), so the final price could be $500-$1000 more, depending on what type of batteries are used and where they are obtained. Then there is the shipping cost but if picked up at the factory, some money could be saved there. All in all, still not too bad for what one gets.
Passive Lead
I would like one with a rowing machine inside so I could row down the street, get exercised and charge the battery. Pulling and steering on the same extendible stick. Two seater would be good too.
The look reminds me of a mid 1950\'s Messerschmidt 3 wheeler.
Will, the tink
If you want to see what one of these can do if pimped out, go look at Nap Pipen\'s 2008 Lithium BugE with a range of 124 miles which can be seen at http://www.evalbum.com/1810 He has since donated it to the Reynolds Alberta Museum and moved on to his next build called the Lithium Hawk. As a two-seater it is the next step up the evolutionary ladder and can be seen at http://www.nappepin.com/LithiumHawk.htm
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Yes, 5 years old- well, we small companies take a while. Wonder if they have improved the wheels since the orriginal which had some off rim issues on cornering. The \"pimped\" version is getting pricey!! Messerschmidt has the advantage of being normal heigth, not being a crawl in. This means you can be seen easier and run over less easily. Tom, would you consider a treadmil drive instead of a rowing drive? I think they would be great since they can have a different floor pan and could be done without cranks that people in nice clothes might not want to use (when going out to the opera etc) arm power has more issues with steering at the same time, but i have seen it employed, online anyway.

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Looked at the Lithium Hawk. Its a motorcycle and requires a license as such. The back seat is perilously close to the roll line ( front wheel to rear wheel) and rather high so there is a large coupling. I should enquire about rollover.
Михаил Финогенов
Definetly cheaper that regular car, though 2 seats is a mandatory option! Sure thing to get one of these as soon as two people can fit inside (i mean like two non-midegt adults, ok?). Beat\'em up, Mark!
Will, the tink, thanks for the links.
The LITHIUM HAWK look more like what I think most people in the market would want compared to the stock Bug-E. I would really like to see more and larger photos of the final chassis though. The sole shot on his site is TINY!
The thing is though, if Nap Pipen were to offer it up to consumers as kits or total packages, I\'m afraid they\'d be well over the price of an average car. No?
I was hoping this would come in at around $500-1500 bananas. That\'s the price monkeys would pay around here. Can you add AC or heat? Banana dispenser?