Mats Svensson
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Just when I thought it was about time to order a new suit, I saw the price.
Wouldn't the force trauma from a slug not cause significant harm, if not death?
Wow! $20k for something which looks like it was just taken down from the K-Mart Clearance Rack since it didn't sell... Well, oogly or not, it probably is a whole lot less cumbersome than alternative flak jackets. When they're down to $39.99 at Wally, I'll get one, fer sher.
Jimbo Jones
Don't tase me, dude just shoot me.
Hmm surely that is goning to leave one hell of a bruise - interesting to note where all of the force of the bullet goes with such a thin layer of material - it may hold the bullet, but if doesnt absorb the force - that is still going to do internal damage or does this fibre shed the force accross its whole structure? I guess it is still better than a hole
I thought that in business, the concept was to go for the jugular...
I don't see this helping in that respect. :-P
That main picture is very telling- I remember a recent Russian Mafia informant was shot leaving a courtroom and was killed.
He was wearing a "bulletproof vest"... but it was a head shot.
Anyone going after somebody with one of these would probably have the intel on the jacket- I doubt that they would have more than one and I can't see them wearing the same jacket all the time.
It would then be obvious if they were wearing it unless they had a broad variety of them.
It's a fun sort of thing but I cannot take it seriously.
It will probably get him a lot of attention for his business,though.
I cannot imagine it being very comfortable.
Jim Sadler
Watch your wallet as wearing bullet proof clothing in the US may be illegal. After the notorious armed robbery in California in which police had to pitch a prolonged battle with the criminals due to their bullet proof garb laws were passed allowing only police officers to use bullet proof clothing. That gunfight was so serious that the cops had to run into gun stores and commandeer high powered hunting rifles to take down the killers.
Ok so it might stop a bullet, but all that energy has to go somewhere... So I'm thinking your still going to get some major shock trauma and broken ribs etc... Almost makes a "flesh wound" appealing..