Howard Pieratt
This legitimately may be the greatest thing since sliced bread.
Valerie Serna
Where can we buy these ???
That looks like a single use filler and if so it is a great waste.
Michiel Mitchell
and if a gun from a pop-tard can land your kid, practically in jail, almost... where is this going to have them end up... no-fly list... I'm sure...
Stanley Chau
we are in a drought.
This video leaves more questions than answers. Do the balloons magically attach themselves to the device? They of course conveniently skip this part of the demonstration. Also what if you only want to fill 10 balloons or maybe you only have 83 balloons? Does the device shut off the remaining tenticles or what?
It does not show or give an explanation of how it ties the balloons, or anything else for that matter.
@ Stanley Chau Not everybody is.
@ tigerprincess It comes with the balloons already attached by an elastic band around the end of the balloon. When the balloon is full it slides off the end of the fill tube and the elastic band tightens enough to hold the water in the balloon. Then you throw away the fill device.
@ Slowburn - rather than throwing away the filler, they should provide zillions of rubber bands so we can fix and fill new balloons. Or maybe it would be useful for watering the garden?