I've wondered for years now why all manufacturers haven't moved to this type of rearview display.
Cispa Thrasher
Yay. GM finally caught up with Tesla. Now can you update my Volt software to allow me to keep it on as well?
The Original Y2K Turbine Motorcycle featured this 15 years ago.
William Amos
Where's the touch-screen Blue-Tooth device interface? Soon I'm sure!
"Streaming" video?!? Seriously???
C'Mon! It seems you really must "sex it up" for those with less than a normal intellect. Most of us would suffice it to say "live" video, although the term implies "live" as it is, say as opposed to a "still".
The next improvement should be to replace the outside rear view mirror "wings" with view screens inside on the A pillar feeding from a camera positioned in the headlight area for better blindspot monitoring and aerodynamics.
John Banister
Maybe soon they can make it wider and replace the side mirrors as well.
Replace the windows (er and everything else) with HD displays, so that there are no blind spots anywhere. You can even see through your luggage, other passengers, and even your own body. Better than Wonder Woman's invisible jet. Your're disembodied eyeballs are just floating down the road. Parallel parking would certainly be easier.
But seriously, while part of me welcomes this innovation, another part of me can't help but wonder if the momentum for ever increasingly complicated automobiles is just a metaphor for the unsustainable world economic model based on growth? Modern rear view mirrors are incredibly reliable in stark contrast to modern electronics. A single software glitch or a wayward transistor could render an entire automotive electronics package unusable--not to mention the prohibitively expensive cost of replacement. Notice I didn't say repair? Nobody repairs anything electronic anymore. $100 and a screw driver is all you need for a traditional mirror (if the extremely rare even ever occurs), but a faulty (or broken) HD don't know, $2k-ish? As cars become ever more connected, how long before the first report of drivers getting advertisements or spam on their rear view mirrors? Remember there was a time (for those older than 20) when we thought our cell phones were impervious to viruses and spam?
Well, when self-driving cars become mainstream,
Jeff Goldstein
Sounds like a good idea. I hope someone introduces a aftermarket kit for this. Now that aftermarket back up cameras are inexpensive I thought about installing one and modifying its installation so it would act as a rear view mirror. Maybe I won't have to.
If I am going to have a video system I want to be able to see sideways from the very front and rear of the car.