Rainie Flores
This is interesting and great considering that it is just connected to a mobile device. Is this coming out soon? This sounds a great app to secure one's home. It is always best to find ways in securing one's home and it's alright to explore different options.
No battery backup. so burglars just cut the wires before they break in.
A Glorified Baby monitor, WOW amazing! What the F is the world coming to and they got over 400K for this, plus the design is a direct copy of the new Mac. The Canary: is a Next Generation Scam. A 12 yo can do the software and the Hardware today, but wait the old adage, if you can't make it good, make it shiny ( or now, just render it photo quality (Maxwell Render, Arion Render etc) regardless whether it works or what ever it is and make sure to tell everyone how they got everything ready including the chinese manufacturers and tool makers) and People will buy it.
Don't tell me it's a good combination of Technology NEVER been done before, it's actually pathetic tech riding on the band wagon of social financing hype.
Derek Howe
slowburn - lol, you watch to many movies. burglars don't cut any wires, they just kick down your door, take ur shit, then leave.
Also, if you would have read it all, you would have seen that if the Canary loses power or wifi, it notifies you.
One of the great things with this is that the thief could be in your house, and would think this is just some decorative item or an air purifier...he's definitely not going to think that your watching him take your stuff while your calling the police.
re; Derek Howe
So people are going to call the cop whenever there is a power outage. The burglars are already selecting victim based on low probability of an alarm and cutting the power is not that difficult.
re: Slowburn
I assume you call the cops once you have watched the footage of a guy kicking your door in
re; Ozuzi
If the power was cut before the door was kicked in without battery backup their is no video of the door being kicked in.
@Slowburn, true, lack of power kills the system. so work around the designer. plug it into a computer battery back-up. instead of a wall outlet. I would prefer to see it with it's OWN self-charging battery back-up, but hopefully, they can include that in the design. Personally, I'd set it up to be powered by a solar panel and battery, and mount it high for a good view of faces, instead of ankles. I like the idea of seeing intruders, without them knowing, I can see them.
Derek Howe
slowburn - burglars don't cut the power over 99% of the time...so that's not an issue.
Bill Mulger
Ah Derek, that number will fall as the black hats out there adapt to their ever changing workplace.