I'm afraid the author doesn't understand the difference between mass and force.
Robert Walther
"But Captain, I 'can nae' changes the laws of Physics!" RIP, Scotty!
This article belongs in your "April Fool" issue.
"According to Shawyer, ...the microwaves are moving at a significant fraction of the speed of light..." On the contrary, microwaves move at exactly the speed of light. Microwaves ARE light. Most of the explanatory (?) part of the article seems to come from Shawyer, who is NOT the inventor of the device reported by NASA. I'm missing something?
Elie Morisse
That's awesome but "At first sight the idea of propulsion without propellant seems impossible," isn't true, IKAROS has already deployed a working solar sail and the idea of light sails has been around for decades.
Some related information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EmDrive#NASA_replication
Fascinating! An electronic Dean Drive. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dean_drive The Dean drive was a device created and promoted by inventor Norman Lomer Dean (1902–1972) that he claimed to be a reactionless drive.
A photon drive in microwave.
microwave powered cars means we'll need fireproof asphalt
Even beyond that, Shawyer claims that the second generation of his fuel-less thrusters, based on superconductor technology, will be capable of producing an impressive specific thrust of 30 kN per kW of input energy. "Thus for 1 kilowatt (typical of the power in a microwave oven) a static thrust of 3 tonnes (3.3 tons) can be obtained, which is enough to support a large car. This is clearly adequate for terrestrial transport applications." hahah. going from micro newtons, to kilonewtown. 9 orders of magnitutdes---a factor of 1 billion . this is where science becomes science fiction. outrageous claims .