The bad thing about this is that it is just taking the problem away from the current and near future generations and handing them off to some other generations down the line. I read about this in Scientific America and the primary author of the article had the arrogance to say that this system is safe and fail proof due to the depth and the thickness of the bedrock layers. Even if there are never any problems with the man made portion of the system (which after injection of CO2 serve the function of keeping it corked up) the planet itself can do any number of things at any time that can/will render any safeguards ineffective. And to think that even an earthquake or something similar is not enough to open the earth to the depths that utilized is a dilusion. Afterall, all of the continents were once parts of single enormous land masses which were torn apart by the physics involved in making and keeping this planet liveable.
Doing this for the reasons they are I can only see harm coming from this? Let it go in the atmosphere where it belongs!
Tw Tan
This is seen a temporary action to tackle the trouble! well US has this urgency as history record hurricane and super hot summer hit. The ultra cool winter may on this way.....well still so many people disbelief greenhouse effect, this that, whatever reason! so......HAPPY BURNING HYDROCARBON ...................................................................... It up to your to believe greenhouse effect or theory about change of atmosphere density,layer thickness,ratio change effect, background radiation value and minor pressure increasing affect. It up to the moment all your properties destroy be so call natural disaster, when your pain enough you accept change of belief,........all up to yours! I stay at equator...............................we face sea level rise, the matter can be solve much easier.
Who is to say that this CO2 won\'t kill some resident bacteria that resides in this bedrock? And how many times do we humans import/export something and then later find out we\'ve created a whole new set of problems far worse than the original. Let\'s just figure out how convert CO2 into something useful instead of spending untold zillions trying to sweep it under the proverbial rug.
Nature has found the way to capture CO2. And it\'s not by pushing it underground. Ever heard of photosynthesis anyone? Like, planting trees and use them as a resource?
Enlightened Wookie
um, isn\'t this a bit like \'fracking\'? you know, the technique for reaching new supplies of oil that involves injecting water into the ground...the thing they think is responsible for earthquakes in this region already?
on the other hand, wouldn\'t it be grand if we discover that this sequestered CO2 has turned into oil in 100 years :)
Bob Ehresman
@Buellrider Growing trees also doesnt sequester all that tremendously useful oxygen, and we could think of all kinds of excellent things to do with a million tonnes of lumber. This scheme just seems like a weird no-benefit project to me.
re; Tw Tan
After all of the fraud, extortion, and other chicanery that has been revealed it is amazing that anyone still believes that AGW is real.
Hopefully they really are putting all the CO2 underground so we can get some of the money back out by running the gas through a compressed air engine generating electricity when this non-sense about CO2 is finally dropped.
Todd Dunning
Every time I see a rare Global Warming article these days I have to check my cache to see if I am in 2006
How many trillions $ for this \"anti natural\" enginiering ? If you are sure helping Mother Earth by sequeestrating CO2( although a usefull nutriement for plants), at least try to convert it in \"biofuel\" with an eco friendly, robust, efficient and cheap process... preferently !