Lose the fins, they'll just get broken off and you don't need them - fly all my rc wings without them and they are very stable. Otherwise, good idea.
DARPA ? When will have tiny atomic bombs "delivery" ?
This shows how Star Trek continues to change the world, it looks like a Romulan bird of prey lol
Soon the FedEx planes won't even have to land! Just flying over the landscape, drones are dropped along the way and autonomously find their way (via on-board GPS circuitry) to each individual address pre-programmed in! Its the new mailman! ("mail-person" to the PC sensitive.)
This is a good idea. For harder places to land it could have a parachute. The small electronics parts (battery, servos ans receiver) should be returned for a credit or else they will end up in the trash, the rivers or the ocean.
Operation Market Garden would have had a much different out come in "saved Allied lives" if such simple "supply bats" were used to resupply Paratroopers rather than our Troopers over the English Channel in Horsa Gliders for certain fatal "loop-stall" landings into the booby trapped fields of France. The sorry thing is the idea has probably been around for a century but the industrial military complex likely kept such a simple, "cheap" solution, squashed at the expense of the lives of many. ........ooooo, the ugly nature of Man.
@AllanDallyn, it actually looks rather more like a Horten Ho 229.
@JimSiesfeld, the technology to build this didn't exist until at least the late 50s, and it wasn't until much more recently that it could be made to be thrown away.
Smugglers should love this.
Man I wish we had Drones 40 years ago......It sure would've made my smuggling a whole lot easier.......My friend whose watching me type this....says'' You never did any smuggling''I was good enough that I never got caught.......These Drones would have made me millions..........LOL :-}}
Gavin Greenwalt
@JamesDemello, the fins aren't necessary for stability, they most likely are just to reduce drag and increase range.