Maybe invent one to teach robotics next!
so awesome. These guys are doing to 2 legs what Boston Dynamics has done with 4.
Isn't the ultimate problem with robot delivery systems that go door to door going to lie in making them human proof ? A crook who might not attack a human being is likely to feel far less qualms about taking out what is in reality just a piece of moderately intelligent machinery.
Marco Gonzalez
Call DARPA AT-ST are here. A very elegant design but much like in the Star Wars movie from the video it looks like is no capable of negotiating rubble or stairs like Atlas or Asimo counterparts
Mihai Pruna
Here's my idea: the battery will be the heaviest part of the robot. If you can make the battery , or a couple of batteries, into flywheels, you can gyroscopically stabilize the robot and use less energy than constantly moving the actuators in the legs.
Great work. Appreciate all the hard work that goes into it. From a layperson(me) perspective, why limit them to humanistic movements? Why does it have to "walk"? Easier to roll with wheels, right? Are we proving that this robot is better than the other in terms of how advanced it is to walk like a human? Am I missing something?
Paul Anthony
Put axles and wheels at the joints and you can squat down onto the wheels and more efficiently drive around your package popping up on legs to get upstairs or over other obstacles. I'm pretty sure that wheels are much more efficient than legs as far as speed and energy expended.
I really like the idea of batteries as a flywheel - why not take advantage of the weight? Beautiful idea - and I are an en-gin-ear!
Just a few steps away from ED-209!
...Boston Dynamics just released video of bi-ped with two small wheels for can move around pretty fast, and leap over 2 foot wall....