Dave B13
I love the Classic beautiful old blended with the function of today. I would not change a thing. I even like the paint as it is. Ilove the fender lip details. Going with the early style front suspension is a delight. I've a bit of an issue with the copy writer. 26x2.125" ballon tires are old school. As best I know the 4" wide tires are a recent development for specialized riding on very soft soils. Frames of old bicycles that used 2.125" tires can not be fitted with a 4"wide tire. To me the 4" tires look great on this bike, and the electric assist will make a bike with these tires a lot more enjoyable. Now to find a place to put it, and a way to safely secure it when not on it when out & about.
I cannot describe how disappointed I am by this crap. When I heard months ago that Caterham would be entering the motorcycle and ebike markets, I imagined nimble efficient cycles packed with hard earned F1 technology. These things are the bottom of the barrel for rebranded plastic garbage. Seriously Tony, you can do so much better.
Martin Hone
I love the simplicity of the board track racer look, even the fake V-twin, though it should have fins.....
Mel Tisdale
I suppose the most you can say is that they are 'different', though from what is the question.
So much for Caterham's reputation as a brand that stood for absolute purity of 'form follows function'- I don't think anyone over the age of six would hanker after these embarrassing ride-on toys.
Presumably Caterham intend their e-bike riders to make their own 'let's pretend' motor noises as they suck sugary drinks out of the phoney fuel tank...
Dave B13
Looks to me like Carbon e-Bike above would have met all the desires of glazey whine. Also the front fork on that one looks pretty buzy, maybe the front wheel is also driven. I'd guess there is some computer control/ monitoring of rider pedal force with back & front wheel motor torque.
Poor design in every possible sense ... fake plastic "V" twin engine cover? ...or a really poor copy of some Confederate Motorcycle model http://www.customfighters.com/2450/ ... what are you guys doing?! ... sad sad to see
Love the Classic E-bike. I do agree the motor should have fins, but otherwise a bullseye.
What are these guys thinking?
At 518lb., this 750 should be called "Big Fat Brutus." Try picking this hunk up in the woods as that's the weight range of these 1200c.c. (phony) "adventure" bikes. There's no way it will compete/compare with the KTM or BMW 1200's.
Agree,the Classic e-bikes engine looks so phony.
Carbon e-bike is most true to the companies design heritage.
Good luck with the sales as I can't imagine but selling a few as collectables. Cannondale came close to bankruptcy with getting into the motorcycle market with a much better product. Service and dealerships will be another obstacle.
Michael Crumpton
The fake cylinder heads on that ebike are hideous. The rest of the bike is pretty nice, but the fake cylinders look like something blown up from a cheap toy.