$5,800. Ummm......no. How many of the gears overlap. As in current bicycles that have 20+ gear selections, many are overlap of the others. A simplified version would be cheaper.
Ummm Yes. No having to buy mechs, hangers or cassettes again. And chains(if run)will last several times longer than a chain being rammed and bent into another sprocket under load on a bike with derailleur. Belt will probably last longer. Hmmmm, shift any time, less unsprung weight, low centered weight, minimal maintenance, much more reliable, not fragile, always good to go, no noise, no worry for derailers hitting rocks, no having to find smooth track to change gears, change gears cornering, in rock gardens, in the air, any fricken where. No overlapping gears, why would there be? It's like 1 x 9 deraileur set up. About the same weight too. Total awesome, can't wait to get mine, been waiting years for this to be ready to accompany my trouble free Zerode DH bike, Nicolai/Pinion epic ride bike and Canfield Nimble 9 29er, commuter with Alfine rear hub. Thanks for your voice of reason, but your "reason" is off IMO. But to each their own.
Mel Tisdale
@ VoiceofReason
In answer to your question, none of them overlap - just look at the photo (and its noisy spur gear design).
Leonard Foster Jr
How do you get a new belt on ???
Awesome, only thing they seemed to miss on unsprung weight is putting the disc brake around the transmission area. HUGE change in rear suspended bicycles at minimum.
Also having the rear suspension pivot at the same spot as the sprocket for the drive is HUGE or reducing parts, also known as tensioners. AWESOME!
Nice, but too darned expensive IMO.
Perry Obray
"Or" was supposed to be "in" ,as in huge in reducing parts because tensioners, ect... are not needed. Less stuff to slow down things and break.
Hey, motor cycles have had this for decades. I love belt drive. My last MC had 41K mi on it and the belt was still going strong. I m sure that it would have gone 100K no probs.
Actually, i have rear hub shifting on my bent. I d be tickled just to get a belt and pulleys for it. Lubing is a PITA that I d like to do with out.
David Moorman
I thought I wanted a nice used KTM dirtbike. I want one of these instead!