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this is the first time Ive ever commented on here. and its only to say awesome writing great comedy at the end there for the custom ones. I can see why your publisher picked you for this one.
It seems like this would make you look like you have a boner...ALL the time.
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Haha, that\'s hilarious! Hats off to Loz!
I wonder if I can get one to fit my randy dog?
I concur... awesome post without stooping to easy gutter comments. Great job! And now I\'ll never complain about any job assignment I get again....
Looks as if it could double as a dildo!
Good command of language always turns me on. I bet some of my grade school nuns would have loved this device...
What a hilarious article and I don\'t just mean the product. The write up is hilarious, I\'m glad you got the job Loz.
Page Schorer
Very funny but also real. Amazon is discounting them to $127.42...
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Camo, just in case.