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A very positive development, thanks to my Italian brethren!... toot-toot!
Gonzalo Villouta Stengl
An amazing new, and an amazing information tool as well. Worth any web surfing time to delight you discovering top research and insights on science and technology.
Best wishes.
Jennifer Zordan
God willing.
I hope this works out, but something is setting off my skeptic alarm.
For one thing, 73% of 65 people is 47.45 people. So lucky Mr. 48 was cured on his right side only?
Anyway, I look forward to more detail.
David Mahan
You\'ve got to wonder how many other such simple procedures there are???!!!
Ted Nehme
What is disturbing is the fact that fellow Mser\'s are so desperate for a cure that they tend do avoid asking the right questions when it comes to these \"miracles\". What if 95% or so people with MS have this condition because it\'s a cause/symptom of MS, and not the cause of MS? I do not want to seem pessimistic, but I would reserve judgment for when more data is available.
This wouldn\'t be the first time excess iron has been implicated in disease. It\'s well known that too much iron is a risk factor in atheroschlerosis, which is why male-specific multivitamin supplements no longer contain iron. There\'s even some evidence excess iron increases the risk of cancer.
Joe's Cat
65 people plus his wife makes it 66 people.
73% makes it 48.18 people.
I think the reporter probably meant \"more than 72%\" and then simplified by writing in 73 instead of writing in 72.7272%
Mario Maio
...and that\'s not the only new from italy; there is a young guy, Matteo Dall\'Osso ( http://www.matteodallosso.org/ ), who healed himself from MS against all doctor\'s opinion (except Dr. Zamboni, who helped him too), just by depuring (in a special way) his body from metals (he has got a metabolic disease that avoid his body to dispose off metals at a normal rate). So it seems that MS could be the result of metallic accumulation in the body, due to a cause (vein occlution) or another (metabolic disfunction). The real risk about these MS treatments is that they are too economical, simple and they were not discovered by a big pharmaceutic multinational; big opposing economic interests are able to prevent the diffusion of such discovers. Help the web spread the good news.
Mario Maio
please adjust my previous post with the following link to english version of Matteo Dall\'Osso web site