This concept/product has been floating around under one name/company or another for at least 5 years. In all that time, it doesn't seemed to have generated any real interest, gee-whiz factor not withstanding.
Joel Detrow
This may come as a shock to you, but touchscreen keyboards are very different from normal keyboards, and have their own learning period. My typing speed on real keyboards is very fast, while my touchscreen typing speed is dismal even compared to people who don't use their devices much. This, being a third kind of keyboard, will naturally have its own learning curve. It isn't a negative.
Assuming that it works well with a little practice it would make a great keyboard for a tablet or phone. especially if you can get it to produce an oversized keyboard and ten key.
Frank Bredow
I remember reading about it in 2004. I thought how cool it would be to connect it to my ipaq (with a "Q") Any way just let it die already.
Alastair Carnegie
Yup! I had one of these over five years ago. Desk clutter!
Gregg Eshelman
Isn't this at least 5 years old? The housing looks different but the keyboard layout is the same. I've seen earlier versions on closeout and clearance sales.
James Galan
I can see how this can be helpful.

Maybe the more money than brains I mean early adopters didn't put forth the effort to master the previous device, or the earlier device did not work well but it does not sound like the reviewer put in enough time to find out if it just takes practice. I would have to use a pad of some type for the keyboard because I learned to type on a manual typewriter and hit the keys harder than necessary on electric keyboards.
It would work far better by projecting a piano keyboard with polyphonic equivalents in terms of chords. That way, you could type several times faster with one hand via the chords/macros, and the light scan would have hardly any errors, since the piano is solely binary from a linear perspective, notwithstanding the partial-length black keys. Also, light projection and scanning could be from almost the exact same location on the projector/scanner mechanism and make possible a far smaller unit.
re; machinephilosophy
So not only would you have to get use to the quirks of how the keyboard works you would have to learn a new layout. This is not making it easier.