so cool. Now I want to see what Nissan's 2017 Leaf specs are gonna be.
Battery auto swapping systems like BetterPlace never took off, I'm guessing because people still want to own all of their car, including the battery.
Systems where you swapped out your battery then had it couriered back to you never took off, because you'd have to wait for the courier to arrive.
I don't know why they don't make these systems with a smaller second bay that a robot could load a battery into. You pull into the battery station, do a 5 minute fast charge of say 10% on the main internal battery, while having a second battery attached underneath the car. You'd then drop off this second battery at your destination.
Unfortunately for Colorado neither the Bolt nor the Leaf will be AWD and AWD is not an option either. Worthless.
Because the car is projected to have a 200+ mile range I think the 17.1 kWh battery figure above is a misprint or not accurate.
The Spark EV is 19 kWh with 82 miles range, the Nissan Leaf is either 24 kWh with 84 mile range or 30 kWh with a 107 mile range. The Volt is a plug in but uses a 18.4 for ~53 miles range. The BMW i3 is 22 kWh with ~100 miles range.
To achieve 200 miles on EV the Bolt would have to be closer to at least 40 kWh.
At least right now the Bolt looks like a better deal than the Nissan Leaf because the 107 mile leaf is already $34k so spending $4k more for a 200 mile Bolt is probably worth it for a lot of people. GM is also supposed to expand availability of the Volt this year to all 50 states vs the 2016 that I think was only made available in a handful of them.
I also saw some stuff estimating GM's battery cost is down to $145/kWh but I don't know how accurate that is. The other figures I have seen floating around are like $250/kWh but it changes fast. I don't know how much each figure is actually measuring in terms of components, packaging, circuitry etc. I think the lower figure is for the cell only but by full battery packs contain more than just the cells.
Gavin Roe
it's a Daewoo rebadged not surprising as will be all the small cars in their range being electric it may even be half reasonable
I would never buy this over the Volt. Similar price for a better looking car with no range anxiety is a no-brainer.
The caption to photo #7 mentions "flat-folding rear seats," but they sure don't _look_ flat, which would be a big selling feature, for me.
@gizmowiz: "Worthless." For you, but not for everyone. As I recall, Colorado is exactly 2% of the US states and has an even smaller percentage of US drivers—never mind all the other countries where the Bolt might be sold.
@zr2s10: "better looking car with no range anxiety is a no-brainer." For you. My EV has only about a 70-mile range at 70MPH, and I've been concerned about running out of power exactly twice in a year and a half. For daily use, that's been plenty, and I've saved about 75% of what I'd have paid to drive my previous car, a MINI Cooper S, the save number of miles. As for looks, that's so obviously a matter of taste that I'm surprised to see it presented as accepted fact. To my eye, the Bolt is "better looking" than several EVs already on the market, especially the even more expensive offering from BMW.
'...remotely starting the car from their phone...' There is no engine in an EV to 'start'! You can turn the A/C on, or the radio, headlights, fan, etc. But there is no engine to turn on. You get in, release the parking brake, move the shifter to Drive or Reverse, press the accelerator and that's it.
Hopefully GM sells tons of these. Just a few years ago we had no viable electric car on the roads (less than 100 Tesla Roadsters were made and sold at a price tag of over $100k so I would not call that viable). Now we have a bunch that are starting to become competitive, affordable and even practical. Good times. Good luck GM!
I'd like it better if it was 1]cheaper, and 2]not requiring a smart phone service plan.
After owning some BMW's, Porsche and a furr-are-E. This vehicle is more like it! Best of luck on this project GM. You guys make some awesome world beating vehicles.