Rocky Stefano
If they can't pull 450 out of that size of an engine they are not engineers. Audi's S5 V8 is a 4.2L that can do 450 (350 street) once its been after market tuned.
Captain Danger
@rocky It is not to bad of a number , remember this does not have overhead cams and it is the first year of production, numbers will keep going up. They are also going to get better than 26 mpg which is quite impressive. I am not a Chevy honk but I think the numbers look pretty good I am not really familiar with Audi so I had a quick look for the specs and what I saw is that it puts out 350 hp for 4.2 L which is a higher specific output but I think you would need to look at the full torque curve of the engine. Remember there is no replacement for displacement :) That being said Ford Kicks Ass with the Boss 302 444 HP from 5.0 liters which I believe is one of the highest specific outputs in terms of HP per cubic inch in a naturally aspirated motor available , and they haven't switch to direct injection yet.
Joseph Boe
Unfortunately, this will be placed in a the fit and finish will be for s**t and it still won't be able to corner worth a damn.
Fastest Corvette ever? Chevy has at least 3 Corvette's that should be faster than this one (the 427, Z06 and ZR1). The ZR1 hands down will be way faster.
All have been available at least since 2012. I don't know the actualy 0-60 mph times, but both the 427 and Z06 makes 505 hp and the ZR1 makes 638 hp. The ZR1 I know runs 0-60 mph in about 3.3 seconds. I believe the Z06 is around 3.9 seconds. The C5 Z06 already made 500 hp and could run close to 4 seconds when accelerating to 60 mph from a standstill.
I guess they must be dropping a ton of weight on the final car? But I don't know how acceleration claims can be made based just on an engine.
Porsche 911GT2 is a 3.6 liter six cylinder and cranks out over 600 BHP How is it that Chevy, GM and FORD feel that a big engine 5.0 and higher with only 450 BHP is somehow an advancement? I love the Corvette body style even though the interior is long over due for re-styling. But Americas(my beloved country) builders are nostalgic and boring (Mustang, Camaro, Challenger),and need to look at smaller engines with higher power out put and forward thinking styling (except for Corvette body which I love).
Clay Jones
Yes, Porsche gets 600 BHP from 3.6 SUPERCHARGED liters. If Chevy were to supercharge the new V8, you could reasonably expect 850+ horsepower. But superchargers bring thier own set of problems: lubrication, cooling, bearing wear, belts, etc. I like them on small engines. But if Chevy can make the power they need with the fuel economy they need, who needs superchargers? And I'll bet it gets better mileage than the Porsche! Besides, have you heard a Porsche 6 versus an American V8? No comparison. Torque rules.
Captain Danger
Doesn't the 911GT2 you mention have twin turbos? For a NATURALLY aspirated engine the BOSS does very well.
As to why an Automaker would say that 450 hp is a big deal is because it is. I remember 1982 when Fords advertisement for the Mustang was "The BOSS is back and boy is he mad". This was fro a 157 hp 2 barrel 4 speed (4 being an overdrive) manual car. That actually got me fired up. After years of seeing HP ratings fall there seemed to be little hope for performance comparable to the 60's and now I see guys dismissively talking about engines that can put out 400+ HP. Incredible.
As to your comment about a 302 being a big engine, I would suggest that the big engine territory (for a car) starts around 400 cubic inches.
@Joe Vettes can't corner worth a damn? Come on , maybe in snow but get real. Corvettes usually do very well when compared to other cars in track tests and doing well on a track requires that a car be able to go around a corner.
My 2001 z06 did 0-60 in 4 sec, 13 sec 1/4 mile on street tires (my time at the strip), and got 31MPG (real, not EPA lies) on the highway with the A/C off.
I seriously doubt a 6.2L will come close to that, let alone be the "best fuel mileage Corvette ever".
I really miss that car :-(
Forgot to mention that it cornered as if on rails...rated at 1G on the skidpad, stock tires.
Conny Söre
I'm amazed this "new" engine doesn't have 16 carburetors or something similarly stupid. Why are the Americans so proud of their ability to keep using old school technology in cars when they are so good at inventing and being groundbreaking in other areas?