Why they don't publish how much energy was feedback from plasma?
Why on earth don't they pool their resources rather than compete?
But is there independent verification? The Chinese massage all their statistics.
John in Brisbane
Good stuff. I kind of hope the Chinese win this race - it would be interesting to see how they deal with being the source of high tech for a change.
BTW It sounds like resources are being pooled - the ITER project.
This will only enable the .01% to still put a meter at your house, and suck money out of anyone needing energy.
We should put more priority on efficient rooftop generation and efficient storage, freeing people from the meter, but of course, there won't be any research money of any consequence for that.
Neil Farbstein
It seems like ITER is a giant white elephant that will be much too expensive if it ever breaks even- $30 billion per reactor. Too much money has been funneled into that single project to the neglect of alternative approaches like LPPFusion's mini reactor using DPF dense plasma focus fusion. If DPF fusion works the energy of the fusion plasma will be turned directly into electricity by MHD means with high efficiency.
Are we supposed to believe that the Chinese who cannot develop a decent jet engine have leapfrogged the world and developed a fusion reactor? Please!
Rocky Stefano
China has host country access to the rare earth minerals required in producing advanced space age materials. I'm not surprised.
So, they haven't been able to repeat? Dubious without confirmation. Great, if they can. Not so much, if they cannot.
Cold fusion, anyone?
...Why they don't publish how much energy was feedback from plasma?
A fake test yields no results to measure.