Bill Bennett
wait for it! yep still using firefox
was always an avid supporter of firefox but moved to Chrome about 3 months ago and will never look back
Jamie Estep
Firefox has become just as slow and buggy as IE. We dumped firefox completely at my company. Unless they can get back to being a fast and usable browser, they\'re going to go away. Unlike IE that is forced on all Windows computers, FF doesn\'t have the initial forced user base.
Tried Chrome, don\'t get the \"thrill\" everyone else THINKS they get, compared to Firefox. Of course, familiarity breeds recognition, and Chrome setup just seems too confusing for the trade off. Then again, I use Linux, and ANY browser is super fast. Windows is the reason for slow speed. Windows 7 is finally catching up to Linux. Why anyone would fork out $200 plus for Windows 7, when you can get a Linux operating system disc for about a buck or two shipped on eBay!
Now if only Adobe Flash Player would quit crashing on Google Chrome, things would be golden.
Gavin Zubka
Crome is amazing, Google is amazing!
Question Everything
Now, since they can\'t track me since I don\'t use Google, they want to track my every movement with Chrome. Thanks but no thanks. Firefox is the way to go.
Dave Andrews
The only reason that piece of crap IE is in the lead is that it comes automatically with the Windows system. The casual user doesn\'t even realize there are options; they simply use what\'s provided.
Dawar Saify
But why is so much hatred being hurled at microsoft and Internet explorer. It\'s only with these as backups that you feel you have everything and all is ready. Quite a few websites simply don\'t render well with the alternatives. The others have to mature. This goes for office as well. Microsoft lost it in the smartphone race, don\'t know why.
I like Opera better that I.E. or Firefox which I find awkward to use. Opera\'s Speed Dial is so much better as a way to connect to all you favorite site. Much better than the others.
Only problem is some places, very few, do not recognize it. If more people tried it the others would be left in the dust.