excellent...more radiations
Funny that the first car to have this technology is the Dodge Dart.
Keith Reeder
Yeah, that's what road safety needs - something that makes using a mobile phone while driving even easier...
I'm sure Chrysler will spend more time on the Human Factor Design on this! I.E. how people will actually use this rather than just sticking an inductive matt in the only available space in the dash - because in the picture, it looks like one could not really see their phone while it was charging... Forcing you to reach forward and pick it up for many operations.
Bill Bennett
I think I saw a beta tester girl using this today, she blew through a STOP sign at 40 mph texting, great idea Chrysler! Very happy I yielded, and yes I am very good at judging car speed, the b*#$h was going 40 mph, thank the spirits my GF is not stoopid, she says hang on and stops when we talk when she is driving
re; Bill Bennett
While people who text or get involved in the phone conversation to the detriment of their driving are a problem. It is not the phone or the charger that is the problem.
The problem is people who blame inanimate objects for the failings of people.
Bryan Paschke
Quite the "innovation"! Putting something that only works moderately well in the home into the car! Brilliant! I'll stick to my in car ipod/iphone dock, thanks.
Get me an inductive charger that doesn't require a case (I use a specialized ruggedized waterproof case due to many of my activities) and we'll talk.
What exactly is wrong with my $4 cigarette lighter/accessory jack connectivity that I currently use? Do I really need to pay 50 times the price of what I currently use so that I can utilize an inductive mat that was placed in the catch-all-bin of the car's console?
re; Hmmm...
If you have the money the convenience of not having to hassle with the wires.. I will have to wait for the price to come down.
Wesley Baker
I agree Slowburn people here are missing the point that as you say its the driver that is the problem not the fact there is a wireless charger. Most modern cars even down to the cheap city ones have bluetooth connectivity thus killing the need text/dial and drive. Its more down to laziness and some people who are easily distracted. These modern systems can even read the text out over your speakers.
Hopefully sooner than later the handsets will start to implement the charging tech into the battery opposed to the case but maybe there its in the best interest for you to need to buy a case rather than have it come with the phone.